I Came UNDER FIRE In Donetsk. Прямой разговор: семейное насилие 1 day ago   23:38

Patrick Lancaster
June 28th I come under fire by shelling of the Ukraine Armed Forces in Donetsk. Now With Full English Subs
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Louis -
I have seen allot of your video's but the most its only the Russian side. And they are no sweeties either. A couple years ago they attack Georgia and killed allot of civilians so. And on both sides are great to make fake news.

Anyway.. to shoot civilians and you know it as a soldier you shoot unarmed civilians. You are a war criminal and i hope you will die a painful death.
Fuck donbas
a ahir
good only true reporting tdy era why @[email protected] etc Russian news don't cover this why Putin neglect dontesk lugansk donbass
Marina Udoekpo
This war is going on for 5 years and everywhere else is peace. And people in Donetsk and Lugansk are asking why here, why us, we want to live a normal life. And there is no answer to it and no end too. It's a horrible deadly situation in 21st century
Alexander Burlakov
Патрик, Спасибо Вам за то,что стараетесь доносить правдивую информацию до людей!!!!
Antonio Miraglia
Patrik if you stay with the Russians who the fuck made you go there and kill people!
Antonio Miraglia
I come to shit in the red square fuck off Russia fack Putin
Carlos Garcia
Amazing Patrick, great work, thanks for let us know what the media won't show. Just stay safe dude. God bless you and all those people living there.
it all started with russians trying to separate russian minority zones, i don't agree with using wars for the separation, it must be done by voting and by UN, the world is full of these minority villages, if all would be separated by fightings a lot of civilians would die, and stop taking political sides as west or east sides, just protect your lives till the conflict will pass, reinforce your basements underground with thick concrete and rebars, have a lot of dried food, have some gas masks, and build some escaping tunnels or house to house tunnels just in case
Russians + Ukrainians = Bad as each other.
Сержио Джо
Philip Licinio
Thankyou for the uploads! I support the people of Donetsk... Love from England!
de mun upswing
I just wish Russia would be more agressive in front of the Ukie thugs.
Lemon Nation
Trump : video games are the ones causing a mass shooting

Ukraine and Russia: tf u say?
Артем Попов
Yes, the rashists came to our land (Russian fascists).
Haavard Skorge
Do you support the russian backed separatists?
Lord Ferum
go to the conflict zone with helmet, bulletproof vest and SANDALS!
Patrick, you've been too long in these war \m/
ranger 2600
Question, if you don't mind me asking. Where did you get the body armor from?
debelo govedo
War is hell
Min Maung Maung
If Ukrain fired Donesk, why not fired back? No balls?
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Прямой разговор: семейное насилие I Came UNDER FIRE In Donetsk. 1 day ago   36:32

Анна Коваленко: «Мы снимали этот выпуск долго. Я и мои коллеги не стремились выдать очередную страшилку под грифом «шок». За кадром часто друг другу признаёмся, что будем только рады закрыть все социальные проекты из-за отсутствия необходимости в них. Сложно рассказывать о побоях, чудовищных пьяных ДТП, изнасиловании двухлеток и детских трупах в деревенских сортирах. Сложно и страшно. Пугать не хотелось. Хотелось понять, откуда берёт своё начало природа насилия, почему агрессии стало так много? Нам хотелось составить психологический портрет абьюзера. Ведь ты можешь находиться с ним (с ней) в одном пространстве. Он (она) будет умен, привлекателен, с юмором в яблочко. И ты никогда не догадаешься, что происходит за закрытой дверью. Или догадаешься, но промолчишь. Так делают многие, почти все… Но правильно ли это? Смотрите. Это касается каждого. И запишите телефон горячей линии».

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