Climate Science and the Myths of Renewable Breakthrough in renewable energy - VPRO 4 months ago   45:16

Friends of Science
Steve Goreham is a speaker, an author, a researcher on environmental issues, and an independent columnist. He’s the Executive Director of the Climate Science Coalition of America, a non-political association dedicated to informing about the realities of climate science and energy economics. Steve gave this presentation at the Friends of Science 'Climate Dogma Exposed' event in Calgary on May 9th 2017. He says "contrary to what your political leader, professor, and newspaper tell you, global warming is dominated by natural factors. As a result, thousands of climate and energy laws across hundreds of nations, all summed together, are not going to have a measureable effect on Earth’s temperatures."

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Volker Miesek
Sounds like very compelling evidence. But we may just be missing an element unknown to us at this stage. One thing is for sure, we cannot continue as we have in the past some 200 years. Our resources are limited and our planet is taxed heavily by our civilisation. And we are seriously thinking about going to Mars? Even acknowledging CO2 not being the main culprit in global warming, global warming is here. We should play it safe tone down exploitation of the planet. Time will prove one or the other hypothesis wrong. We can only gain by transforming our economy towards sustainability rather then a further exploitation of earth at the pace as we have in the last 200 years. Curbing population growth should be one of the key measures if we don't want to see mankind back at the stage of 1820. If one believes or does not believe in global warming, we must learn to adapt to the changes.
Patricia Simon
People talk about money, who is being paid, if you follow the money it is the warmists who are being paid to produce the " right" research and the money is also in the green taxes..that is who is being paid, those supporting the so called warming
Anima Clothing Co.
Ever heard the quote 'the quality of your thinking makes it so'? The only reason we don't have renewable energy is because our society has the mindset of consuming and expansive thinking, i.e. who can make the most money at the expense of raping and pillaging the earth. Do some research into scientists like Nikola Tesla, Henry Moray, and Thomas Bearden, in the case of Tesla his funding for renewable, resourceless energy was cut after JP Morgan found out he would lose billions to Tesla's new invention. Amazing how one pathetically greedy man has held humanity back at least 100 years.
My idea of renewable energy. You turn it on and it just works!
How does this logical explanation helping wake people up to a world wide Ponzi scheme get downvoted?
I guess it really is easier to lie to someone than convince them they've been lied to. Stop buying government propaganda if you want them to stop selling it
The main argument is, "Is Al Gore a liar?" - your answer will illustrate which camp you live in
Margaret Newton
What would solar be in Australia?
Michael Collins
If we all voluntarily give more money to the governments of the world we might be able to save the planet.
I have another thought. If you want to destroy the planet give more money to the various governments of the world.
Sébastien Cormier
Caractacus Potts
Hahaha hippies I know are asking me to protest the climate next week. Useful idiots.
Mikael Winroth
Great presentation. Thanks!
H de Boer
we just seem to need the feeling that we are to blame..hubris the wrong way
You're approaching a rickety bridge with your children. 97 bridge engineers tell you the bridge is dangerous, don't cross. 3 engineers tell you it's fine, go ahead and cross. As you consider your options, you ask the 3 engineers what their qualifications are. They answer: "Oh, we're not bridge engineers, we're train engineers."

And there's your trouble. This video was sponsored by the Heartland Institute, long bankrolled by Koch Industries and ExxonMobil. Virtually every "fact" they presented is a gross misrepresentation of what the science actually says. Heartland is a PR firm. They're paid to lie about climate change the same way they were paid to lie about the link between smoking and lung cancer for the tobacco companies. (Check Wikipedia for their history)

But it gets so much worse. The "science" director for Heartland, Jay Lehr, was actually convicted and sentenced to six months in prison for defrauding the Environmental Protection Agency, and his organization was fined $200,000. These people make videos to protect the oil industry, not the environment. Visit SkepticalScience and see just how cleverly this video duped you.
ydely Suarez
Trump definitely got us out of that faulty climate accord hoax. Thank God.... I’m very Skeptical about world leaders asking their citizens for more 💰. Money is what they want...
Ari Feliciano
Bad science does not contradict good science. Stating that "there is no empirical evidence" is simply wrong. The Chicago example only demonstrates that the speaker does not understands Glpbal Warming. Some places might stay constant and other might even decrease, but the Global effect is the TOTAL OF THE GLOBE rising.
chuck money
I completely agree with you and your submissions about the myth of the extent of Man made global warming, but stating these facts to those that in general understand that this is the case will not get us any further than where we are now. Both sides of the argument will need to be put in the same room on TV across the world and deliver their argument, this will not happen because vested interest - to the tune of the mentioned 250bn pa is making a very few people a pretty penny. Even Trump is having a hard time getting this message out
Jon Atkinson
A very convincing presentation if you choose to trust him. Alternatively you can do minimal research of your own:
solomon bizzo
& I bet all the commenters in comments really do want to see the money being spent on humanitarian efforts rather than feeding a false narrative. This is insane that humans could retort to destruction with no conscious & no consequent. Does the media really have this much influence on society & why? The global warming epidemic is turning more people into zombies everyday. People really have been brainwashed, that's my only explanation...
The Flying Dropbear
40:46 sorry to break it to you, but the reason why the entire state of South Australia was blacked out, was because there was a small number of Tornadoes during the worst storm in 50 years, I would also like to point out, that at least one of those tornadoes knocked over the transmission towers, which helps transmit the produced energy around the state. without critical infrastructure to transmit that energy, it doesn't matter how you produce that energy, you cannot distribute said energy, maybe a bit of research in the situation would be a nice idea before mentioning it, just makes you look foolish

there were people who had solar panels at the time, even they were blacked out, I would know this because I am from South Australia, some parts of the entire state didn't have electricity for nearly 4 days after the storm.
Marcus Vespasian
It’s not about long term climate fluctuations. It’s about a very rapid rise in temperature, releasing millions of tons of methane gas 25 times more potent than C02. This will occur in 50-100yrs resulting in 10C plus rise, extinction of marine life, then humans will quickly follow.
Who is this pillock talking?
People please wake’s almost tool late.
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Breakthrough in renewable energy - VPRO Climate Science and the Myths of Renewable 4 months ago   46:11

It’s not in the papers but a silent revolution is moving across the world. Renewable energy is becoming cheaper than from fossil fuels. It means that progressively the choice for wind and solar energy is no longer an ethical one but an economic one. And this will speed up the transfer to renewable energy.

In countries like Brazil, Australia, Chile and parts of the United States people consider renewable energy because of financial reasons. The price of solar and wind energy will continue to drop and in more countries renewable energy will occur.

A surprising newcomer on the market is Morocco, where the government expects that in 2020 more than 40 percent of the energy could come from solar energy.

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