Sudan protests: Military ruler Taking to the streets: How women led the protest 1 day ago   05:06

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In Sudan, protests continue, despite promises from the new head of the country's military council following this week's coup. He vowed to "uproot the old regime." Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah Burhan says a civilian government will be formed after talks with the opposition - with a maximum 'transition period' of two years. But demonstrators remain unimpressed. Boosted by the resignation of President Omar al-Bashir and Defense Minister Awad Ibn Auf, they've presented a list of demands to the military rulers. Among them, immediate civilian control.

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Abhi 739
Military rule isnt anti democratic, because democracy itself is based on purchasing power
Angee Corea
Power to the People!!
The people of Sudan should keep up the protests until a democratic leader of "their" choice is elected. These oppressors stay in power far too long.
Bashir should be exiled or left in the Sahara Desert...
Mahmoud Ismail
You know who's the next,
I will tell you
the game is over
why they should get this dude to speak for US!!
Levar Mitchell
Some of the comments here are so moronic. You guys are worried about the West but not about a military council that says the Sudanese people have to wait 2 years to transition to a civilian democratic government?! How does that not scare you? It certainly scares the Sudanese people. The fact that none of you criticize the military is very telling. You probably support a military dictatorship or resent that many Sudanese want democratic representation.
Levar Mitchell
They have to wait two years for a transition to a civilian government?! Crazy! I don't trust the military's motives and neither do the Sudanese people.
Tensea Berhe
Great job Sudanese people , congratulations for a job well done.
Denis Kanja
USA : looks like Sudan needs a regime change
Our demand as Sudanese protesters is to cut the present regime from its roots totally to build a new democratic sudan.... Watch us do that people we will win
meow Rockzzz
Pope Francis changes
Gerald mcreary
the sudanese people are great people but watch out for the usa they want regime change not for the better for the people but for them selfs
USA: Time bring Sudan "Democracy and liberty"
There is no free 1 is going 2 help Sudan...any deal they make there will be strings attached 2 it.The first step is 2 stop fighting amongst themselves...already some are trying 2 hijack the process!!!!
Guillaume Habarugira
However it is dear #Sudanese, don't accept arms deliveries, assistance from the #West or anyone else. Don't!
Alshekh swaraldahab
Sudan will rise
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Taking to the streets: How women led the protest Sudan protests: Military ruler 1 day ago   02:32

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First Algeria and now Sudan; in this edition, we look at how women led the protest movement against the Sudanese president

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