Choosing your storage and database Cloud Hosting vs Traditional Hosting 10 months ago   19:56

Google Cloud Platform
Different applications and workloads require different storage solutions. Google Cloud Platform offers a full suite of storage and database solutions to meet your needs, from a hobbyist in a garage to a Fortune 500 company. This video will help you understand which solutions fit your scenarios, be they mobile applications, hosting commercial software, data pipelines, or storing backups.

Cloud Storage:
Cloud SQL:

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Snapigram-Social Network
good explaination and 5 stars for google cloud
Vishwa Seneviratne
This is outdated..... Please post a new updated one..
Great exaplanations but an update is needed! The video is missing the new available options: Firestore, Memorystore, Spanner and Filestore!
very useful thanks for all explanation
Ron Harris
Google should remove or update the video as it is somewhat outdated now.
John Hanley
This is a very good video. The pace that technical materials are presented is fast which makes for a great product review to see which products are good for which types of services.
Great video!!!!
MD jaman
some body help me how to multiple files upload google cloud in nodejs multer
You should be a teacher sir. I need to give a session on storage to my team. I am gonna imitate you.
Sam Gerrans
That was excellent.
Hussain Mirahmadi
Your explanations are neat and clean like your shaved head .
Matthew Hardy
Excellent presentation!
sukrat kaushik
Very well explained; good job.
A2B Data™
Great video and presenter!
Pratap S
Is Cloud Datastore for structured data (2:31)?
Faisal Saed
This is what you call the "idiot's guide to cloud" thumps up man.
Qichen Gu
The service type and price policy change a lot now. Please update the video.
Srini Vasan
Well Explained thanks
Cathy A
Wow, this was way over my head! I won't be using Google storage.
Deep Sukhwani
Updated version to include Cloud Spanner should be made available
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Cloud Hosting vs Traditional Hosting Choosing your storage and database 10 months ago   09:13

Learn about the differences between cloud based hosting, and dedicated servers. Web hosting comes in 3 basics types: shared hosting, dedicated servers, cloud based hosting. Each has its' pros and cons.

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