Reliable Data Storage on the Cheap! Why Does Linus Pirate Windows?? 10 months ago   09:23

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Are expensive NAS units your only option to expand your storage reliably? I think not...

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Fred Worley
Nowhere in this entire video does he mention hard drives
MWB Gaming
And I just have a bunch of external hard drives stacked precariously on my desk and connected to the computer via a birds nest of cables and USB hubs
Shock Wave
People getting 32+ TB NAS systems for their movies collection lol. Get out more for god sake
francisco villarreal
For me i just need a nas for videos and photos safely and back up for many childhood memories
Would love to see an update to this. Cheapest data storage I've tinkered with was setting up a Raspberry Pi 3 b+ and since I have a bunch of usb sticks just laying around, set the up as a raid and using Open Media Vault. Since I already had all the parts collecting dust in storage, my cost was 0. Reliable however slow. But it works for my wife's photography storage as a form of backup. And not using cloud storage. The Raspberry Pi 4 is quite a bit more powerful than what I am using so a good option. Or an Odroid xu4 as there are already quite a few NAS packages for the Odroid. If sticking with the Pi, external usb HDD could be stacked. Build a small compact NAS unit.
Can you do an actual review on s Qnap or Synology device? I like the very small form factor of these devices than having a full case in a closet
Timothy Nickles 2 the VHS fan
Optical media is the best way to store your data
Great Tutorial Linia
Regards from Europe from my Channel Bro's 😀
glubakoy raman
pi-hole sucks!
You know exactly why I have lots of data.
Flying Aboo
Pretty please can we get an updated version of this. Would it be better to get some old server gear second hand or new off the shelf consumer gear?
dumb question sorry - why does mobo need to be standard ATX? would a smaller form factor mobo be absent of needed components? thanks in advance
Read Nigga, READ!
maybe your recording live tv
Shaneil McIntosh
Can you do an updated video?
Tim Birch
Maybe I have Xbox game pass and I want to download all the games
Timothy Nickles 2 the VHS fan
Dvd+r discs can last a long time if you take care of them and flash drive and sd cards and tapes and the internet are the way to go that way you have back up of your stuff
Hungry Guy
I need a way to backup entire hard drives.
Tape is mad expensive and unreliable.
Thumbdrives don't store much data.
CDs and DVDs decay -- I'm constantly replacing music CDs I burn for my car.
I don't trust cloud services to be secure or private.

The best solution I can come up with is removable drive bays in my primary computer, and just make backups of entire drives to other drives periodically.
Souvik Bhattacharya
How to store critical data reliably?
The best way is to build a cheap PC with a large enough tower case to add as many drives you need. You can then connect the drives to the motherboard SATA connectors or get a dedicated PCIe RAID controller card. You can then expand by adding new drives if the tower case has room. I personally just run Windows Server on it which allows me to use it for other stuff like torrents, drive cloning/backup station, etc.

The only thing you HAVE to be aware of is potential hot-swap issues! Data cables are not a problem. RAID controllers support hot-swapping data cables, and AHCI do as well nowdays. The problem is POWER! If you're using a regular computer power supply and maybe even Y power cable splitters, you have to be extra careful! If you have 2 drives on the same power cable, hot-(un)plugging one of them ((un)plugging while PC is ON) will power-cycle the other drive(s) on the same cable! This can cost you your RAID array data! I've spent many hours trying to figure this out and I only ever saw one post about it on the Internet back when I was trying to Google for more info. So if you intend to use a hot-swap drive caddy/bay in the same computer, use a dedicated power cable from your PSU to connect it to, otherwise plugging and unplugging drives to it will cause your other drives to power-cycle.

Also, never take drives from one RAID array and plug them into other computers for whatever reason. This will often lead to RAID metadata being corrupted and when you put the drive back into the server, the drive won't be recognized as a member of the array anymore.
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Why Does Linus Pirate Windows?? Reliable Data Storage on the Cheap! 10 months ago   10:30

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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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