Reliable Data Storage on the Cheap! Why Does Linus Pirate Windows?? 6 months ago   09:23

Linus Tech Tips
Are expensive NAS units your only option to expand your storage reliably? I think not...

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Ranjan Biswas
0:15 Or 4K Porn
@linustechtips You should make some videos about how Cisco Networking works! I'm a student in school trying to figure it out!
Zayin Conde
Well I know what my old studio desktop will be used for 😅
Subri Subrika
I want a step by step directions how to video series
Gavin Seim
0:16 Soooo. Linus doesn’t care about monkeys being enslaved on a monkey sweatshop.
Uwe Kirschling
Kinda working on a project like this.... Just with 10 year old hardware. But I'm confident that my dual opteron approach will still be fast enough for data storage and media streaming and maybe help with rendering tasks if my work pc isn't enough
So far the only expensive parts were the 19" case, the rack and the ram (ddr3 is still expensive if you shop for 32gb sticks)
will the LSI 9211-8i card in it mode work in normal linux distros like ubuntu or even kali and such?

i am thinking i can just install a linux and then set up file sharing to mount it's drive in the finder on osx

i am not looking for super fast speeds i just want at least usb 2.0 speed and the ability for the drive to show up as if it was a usb drive.
yeah lies i have exp i have 500 gb free space try to install game from steam 30 gb the pc say i can't install the game to big. Show me a way to set up my internal hard disk on pc to install the game without pay 300 euro for new internal hard disk god bless nas
SpecTRe X
I don't know, if upgrading is going to take so much of the stage why not advise running some kind of massive threadripper server with several VMs? That way you centralize all your computing to one physical machine, can tailor the performance specifics to your current needs, and can expand more easily as long as your labeling system is coherent and you understand the virtual array.

In reality, how many people are buying a NAS to *either* A) store disk images/backups **OR** B) store movies/music for their family? If you're a semi-pro photographer or small business then you're likely running some kind of server already, and if not you probably don't really need one.
sn0w music
I set up a 2-ish TB NAS for free because I had a bunch of shit lying around from 10 years ago, as well as some decent hard drives.
hi linus, what kind of system would you like to use in storage server? windows server or others? e.g. FreeNAS? DMS?I 'm thinking to build a NAS, use the LSI 9260-8i RAID CARD.
Gabriel Belmont
What's with the mowahawk??
wayne king
Isn't the advantage of a Consumer NAS is that they are far more power efficient and a smaller footprint on the desk. My 2 bay NAS runs at around 15 watts 24 hours a day. An average PC would idle at approx 85 watts. In some countries where electricity is expensive that is a decent saving. Say in Germany Electricity is approx 30 cents per kWh. I work that out at running a PC as a server 24 hr a day 365 days a year would be around 223 euros a year ($252). As opposed to a 2 bay NAS at 15 Watts being 41.81 Euros per year ($47.28). I been running my NAS for about 8 years. So 223 - 41.81 = 181.19 euros per year. 8 years x 181.89 euros = 1,449.52 euros ($1639.16). That's new high end gaming PC every 8 years. That's if the maths is correct.
RAJ KUMAR ROY are funny
Jane Gerrard
unRAID is not a serious option for NAS, it's ok for archiving stuff you'd otherwise let go but don't use it for work.
I just came for the TunnelBear promotion
Timothy Pelletier
Excellent video!!! Exactly the solution I needed at home. Using an old i7 setup I already had, my only expense was UNRAID for 60 bucks. It only uses 59 watts total I and can just add another hard drive as needed. Thanks!
Jesus. Was Linus on his period during the filming of this episode?!
Maxim Delaet
Hahahaha raw gives more flexibility, it is a fact Linus.
prasad joshi
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Why Does Linus Pirate Windows?? Reliable Data Storage on the Cheap! 6 months ago   10:30

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