Why Do RAF Typhoons Police Romanian Skies? F-15 Eagle & Testing Typhoon 1 day ago   13:36

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RAF Typhoon pilots from 1 Squadron are preparing to deploy to Romania in the next few weeks to provide the country with Quick Reaction Alert. They will take over from their Lossiemouth colleagues, 2 Squadron, who are currently there as part of NATO’s Enhanced Air Policing Mission.

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Reporter: James Hirst

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I don't care what haircuts these women have, they are still a distraction. I don't think left-wIng "progressive" ideology should be affecting serious decision making for the armed forces.
Ian Bradley
It's beyond amazing. I first saw it at Farnborough in 2014. You had the mainstays but the Typhoon moved like a UFO. And that noise! I think they're at Goodwood this year so I'm looking forward to seeing them again :)
Madlen Böhm
ich ver stehe es nur auf Deutsch
Commander kiwi
Does anyone know what the bumps on the helmet are? I’ve been wondering for ages.
For reference a good look at them would be at 1:55

Keep the skies safe guys, including the guys on the ground. Without you the pilots can’t do their job. Much respect to the RAF.
Joe Duke
An even better question is... why is Merkel buying oil from Russia?
Bug Fighter
Back in my day the typhoon was a prop plane.
Steven stott
U could save money with mobile met office
Cristian Prisecaru
Nothing can be compared with russian Suhoi... Very dangerous...
tom quigley
Well done - carry on.
Michael John Dennis
As an Irishman living in the UK, I have much respect and admiration for the RAF and for the Royal Navy - we Irish would need help from and depend on the RAF and the Royal Navy for our defence if the Russians attempted to attack the Republic of Ireland, as our Irish Naval Service and Irish Air Corps would be no match for the Russians or even by the US - any closure of any RAF bases in Wales would be a disaster and would have serious consequences for Ireland and the Irish Government would be hugely concerned by any such move to do so
Gamaholic 2003
See we should just keep the typhoon instead of buying that American trash that falls out of the sky
Gewk Hunter
How is it Romania kept flying Fishbeds when they had Fulcrums they could have used and upgraded.
Thomas Shively
Anybody else think the title meant Hawker planes before you clicked?
Random fact- The building at 9:18 is the abandoned Constanta casino that was used in the Sony Bravia 'balloons' advert and the Magnum Ice Cream 'take pleasure seriously' advert.
Being able to turn into a bat would be real handy in a pinch though.
So much for the BBC trying to stoke Russian hatred. Russia is not a problem to Europe. A lot of Europeans would welcome Putin before their own politicians, that seem to be more concerned with bringing the third world in to Europe.
NATO and the UN should be disbanded, the UN is corrupt and NATO are prepared to start a conflict with Russia, in order to give legitimacy to their continued existence.
super natural
I don't get it, do we get payed for this? Where's the powerful e.u, Romania will just shit on us like Ukraine was left by the e.u, this has nothing todo with us. Make our own forces strong again.
Cos the UK is always putting its nose in other peoples business. NO Russian planes have been intercepted because they have not encroached into NATO airspace. Just more BS from NATO.
John Ashtone
Romania was an ally in the WW1 but sided with Germany in WW2. However this was a Political decision from the top, the people would have been much happier had they sided with the Allies, although in hindsight (oh that wonderful 20 20 vision?) it would have just traded one bad deal for another, because of the closeness geographically of USSR.

Romania's main problems are corruption, corruption and corruption, reduce this and they will prosper. In the meantime 4 Typhoons are an inexpensive option for UK and also good training for the personell.
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F-15 Eagle & Testing Typhoon Why Do RAF Typhoons Police Romanian Skies? 1 day ago   42:09

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