Why Do RAF Typhoons Police Romanian Skies? The mighty TYPHOON Italian AF + 4x F16 Netherlands 2 days ago   13:36

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RAF Typhoon pilots from 1 Squadron are preparing to deploy to Romania in the next few weeks to provide the country with Quick Reaction Alert. They will take over from their Lossiemouth colleagues, 2 Squadron, who are currently there as part of NATO’s Enhanced Air Policing Mission.

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Reporter: James Hirst

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Being able to turn into a bat would be real handy in a pinch though.
So much for the BBC trying to stoke Russian hatred. Russia is not a problem to Europe. A lot of Europeans would welcome Putin before their own politicians, that seem to be more concerned with bringing the third world in to Europe.
NATO and the UN should be disbanded, the UN is corrupt and NATO are prepared to start a conflict with Russia, in order to give legitimacy to their continued existence.
super natural
I don't get it, do we get payed for this? Where's the powerful e.u, Romania will just shit on us like Ukraine was left by the e.u, this has nothing todo with us. Make our own forces strong again.
Cos the UK is always putting its nose in other peoples business. NO Russian planes have been intercepted because they have not encroached into NATO airspace. Just more BS from NATO.
John Ashtone
Romania was an ally in the WW1 but sided with Germany in WW2. However this was a Political decision from the top, the people would have been much happier had they sided with the Allies, although in hindsight (oh that wonderful 20 20 vision?) it would have just traded one bad deal for another, because of the closeness geographically of USSR.

Romania's main problems are corruption, corruption and corruption, reduce this and they will prosper. In the meantime 4 Typhoons are an inexpensive option for UK and also good training for the personell.
Gar Whittaker
Roger is one of the uk best pilots .
Richard Goode
A Europe defence.
It is a shame that our military is being disassembled bit by bit because the government is too tight fisted with money
Америка лучше России
I’m a proud Russian ingredient to the United States of America I plan on joining the US Air Force 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
tђє ςคยϟє ๏Ŧ ฬєt קคภtเєϟ
The Typhoon is useless against a fighter like the F22 or F35
Litefeather 333
Nato and Britain have to be in Romania no matter what, if not since Russia is rising in power and world influence, it may feel the right to flex whenever they want, and where they want, when you have that much power, you can't help but test it out every now and then to feel it! It's like putting a shotgun in your hand, your not gonna just hold it and aim at stuff, your gonna pull the trigger, cause you can and you want to know what all that power feels like! And those 4 Typhoons are like 16 Top of the Line Fighter Jets, don't let small numbers mix you up, that's where they enemies weakness lies...
This operation is code-named Biloxi. This is also the name of a city in Mississippi that is home to USAF Base Keesler. I wonder if the operation was deliberately named after an allied Air Force's city, or if it was chosen by a random word generator?
Cart Conrad
Yes because the United States is letting them buy it
jack wardley
no as good as the mig-35 or su-35
Aixen Marimla
after Brexit bye bye EU, Romania because policing that area restricted UK of being not an EU member & as a NATO allies its useless coz Galileo Satellite System can't be use by UK typhoon or any UK military asset for protection/intervention. Also EU NATO members are lazy decreasing defense budget. UK soon might become part of USA or Revive post Royal Imperial Britain as CANZUK with Commonwealth as a EU rival if tide goes in different way as the EU treatment of UK considering as 3rd country now.
Haribo 73
11 mins 30...... Nothing here to deter? It's more of a provocation........ Is he having a laugh? There's plenty of reasons to be there, you've only got to look a few miles Eastward and see what Moscow is capable of and they have done it already.
Haribo 73
Stay alert boys, stay alert!!
Amongst all the hype surrounding the brilliant F-35, the Typhoon's are going about their daily business in the background. In my own opinion, the Typhoon is a phenomenal aircraft and is more than capable of holding its own against anything that Russia could throw against it. The Typhoon is the backbone of NATO air defence in Europe, people seem to forget that unfortunately.
Anyway, when I go to air shows the Typhoon is always the one that I want to see the most. The aircraft gives an amazing show every time I see it, it's my favourite aircraft and I love it!!!
Ageless Wisdom
Why bother policing the skies when the borders are wide open to the whole world.
Eclipz Fuzion
When he talked to that guy you could tell the pilot loved his job would love to be in his position one day
Roman Empire
As a Brit I would prefer to keep our forces here in Britain to protect our own country. We had so many military cutbacks and yet still they love to deploy our tiny military forces overseas. I don't blame the military though but the politicians. I would prefer to leave NATO and to have a more independent foreign policy.
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The mighty TYPHOON Italian AF + 4x F16 Netherlands Why Do RAF Typhoons Police Romanian Skies? 2 days ago   08:33

Volkel 01-09-2016
2x Typhoon
Italian Air Force
4x F16
Netherlands Air Force

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