Free Energy , Homemade Free New Electric Electric 2019 Free 2 days ago   04:32

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Free Energy , Homemade Free Energy Device From Syringe And Water

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America should be informed of this. Call Elon Musk.
Pooder Haffmer
Pretty pinwheel it not charging anything
The fricton of the wheel on which the cd spinns transforms the energy into heat aka thermalenergy. so the cd ends spinning when all kineticenergy is transformed into thermal energy so this cant work
Rizwan Khan
Lloyd William
Lol bullshit
Jay jay Vlogs
Is this the comedy channel I'm pishing myself laughing loldude I also think Peter pan is real look he is behind you American tech
Kathern Pernell
I think you can see how to make it on Avasva . This is just an advice ;)
Addy Asmawi
Luiz Carlos goncalves
Luiz Carlos goncalves
Computer Fixes 1024
Air friction would slow it down
Sathyanarayana Lingiah
Fake ! if friction from bearings and air is taken into consideration,then it is a energy suppling generator ?
Sugiyono ID
Try turning the CD when rotating if it is true. I see the timber is different when during the beginning and end of the video.
music kunal
feke he sala
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