How to upgrade 3v DC motor to a high speed how to wind armature of 3 pole DC motor 1 day ago   04:51

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How to upgrade 3v DC motor to a high speed and strong motor

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Sagar Anand
bhai ka channel pal ji bhai ka channel pal ji
Is karan aavaj aarhi h
bhai ka channel pal ji bhai ka channel pal ji
Bearing khetm ho gya
Dhanalakshmi Boobalan
Dear AT channels , please give us full details of project when do one project , that's way only come lot of subscribers, for example, volt,rpm,coil turn,coil gauge like that ,then understand us easily, and will useful too
Dhanalakshmi Boobalan
Total turns and wire gauge and dc motor number
Kartik Verma
Wakwas video logo ke paise or time dono hi bar bad karba rahe ho tum na to wire ki information di na hi or kuch wakwas video mat banaya karo jo logo ka time or paise dono barbad kare..😠😠
D. Alex Hutchinson
Want it to be fast??
Then when rewinding, instead of advancing to the next post on the armature and winding that pole, regress and solder wire to the previous pole the othe direction and wind that pole doing the same until finished.
Also shim magnents with scotchtape. Also advance comutator.
Sometimes wrap first with one size wire, low turns until done. The wrap again with smaller size wire with low turns.
Or use 2 different sizes simultaneously
Low turns until you get max performance.
Also scew the empty stack to eliminate the cogging problem.
Also balanct amature usinf two razor blables vertically, heavy pole will be facing down. Drill or file intil balanceed.
Align the can bearings and makesure armature comuntator is round etc.
Takeo Kun
that sound 😂
Spiritual World
If I take thik wire rpm will increase???
How to make robot for school project
muhammad umair
i do not him thank you
Jayson Felix
Jayson Felix
Hn Yo
dude that was a really cheap and bad motor

change song ffs
Thabsheer P
i couldnt understand this project,can you please describe it in words
Wade Hutchinson
please find a new song
Engineering Mind
I do like your ideas and it would be great to understand it deeply. Could you throw in specific information about your projects? I would be very grateful if you will. Great videos and interesting ideas.
Benjamin Joseph
Good work bro...Keep it up
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how to wind armature of 3 pole DC motor How to upgrade 3v DC motor to a high speed 1 day ago   13:00


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