The Rockets are still James Harden's Russell Westbrook, James Harden 2 days ago   03:37

Stephen A. Smith weighs in on the Houston Rockets' blockbuster trade with the Thunder, who agreed to ship Chris Paul and numerous draft picks to Oklahoma City in exchange for Russell Westbrook. Stephen A. says this move propels the Rockets as legitimate title contenders, and expects no tension between Westbrook and James Harden.
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Comments 1748 Comments

Alieu Camara
What’s the name of that music that was playing when Stephen A was saying that the Houston Rockets are James Harden’s team and not Russ
this is gonna work out because one of them are gonna end up getting double teamed then the other one is gonna be 1 on 1 and they are both very good on 1 on 1 so who every on 1 on 1 is gonna get bucketz
King Larr
Mfs be stating the obvious.
Ronald Saint Rose
Stupid and damn title... who's the better player? If you have a choice between Russ & Harden, who would you pick? Plus the Rockets has been Harden's team for like 7 years now.
I dont think Westbrook will be ok not being no 1 option.. and rightfully so as he's the better player of the 2
Jose Lucio
True, but I bet the rockets squad will favor Westbrook cuz james harden dribble dribble dribble and waits till 3 seconds to do something.
Guess I’m a rockets fan now?
Thunder should sign Blake Griffin on westbrook trade
Who Who
Chris Paul looks like a thumb
Alexander the great
OMG why can I stop playing this guys Smith's videos sheeesh, LOL I love his opinions about everything that happens in NBA,but ma Man don't start that controversy about is still James hardens team like c'mon they grown already they know their role.
Chandra Durr
I like this Stephen, he isn't yelling...
Tj Playa is both Harden and Westbrook's team, period... Russ is one of the most talented players in the league.
Stupidity. Two max usage, low efficiency players who put up volume numbers, not quality numbers. Moving Paul’s contract was huge, and it’ll be a Good deal if they move Westbrook. Otherwise, no go. Rockets are a 3 pt shooting team and Westbrook is pathetic.
This will change soon once westbrook starts ripping rebounds out of Harden's hands.
randy brooks
The Russell Westbrook trade to Houston what i think it is its a good move for Houston, the only thing i see with this is both players like a lot of ball time so they have to work that out, what Westbrook brings to Houston is mostly speed a fast pace game that is the only difference the team will have, as far as making it a championship team that will not happen, they are missing a defensive player and another out side shooter they depend too much on Harden shooting, u got to have balance in that area they dont have it yet, you got to have a threat from defferent players not just one force u cant win championships like that.
Stephen A. said that Westbrook can't be guarded. Sure he can! Just let Westbrick shoot from the perimeter and that's how you'll keep him from scoring.
People (Hater Bitches) are soo offended my Rox got Westbrook.... Sssshhh!
That thumbnail says otherwise 😂😂😂
Thanh Duong
Would love to see Steven Adams joining the Rockets just because I love that guy playing with Westbrook
Bet wait till the seasons starts
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Russell Westbrook, James Harden The Rockets are still James Harden's 2 days ago   09:10

Watch Highlights Of James Harden & Russell Westbrook As Russ Got traded To Rockets For Chris Paul | Russell Westbrook, James Harden & KD 91 Pts Combined 2012.03.07 vs Suns - Rox Got Russ! FreeDawkins
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