Dana White explains why Tony Dana White tells Tony 1 day ago   10:10

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TJ Dillashaw on Urijah Faber,
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Vitor Belfort on bout with Roy Jones Jr,
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Miesha Tate on Conor McGregor's latest controversy,
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Dana White on Tony Ferguson,

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Comments 2534 Comments

von whalen
Tate. Shhhhhh.
Wyatt Russell
That guy with the phone has never payed for a link to the stream. Guaranteed.
Jonathan Tecson
I don't know why like McGregor, Justin Biber doing crazy stuff who is here probably on working permit/visa are not deported, if a green card/immigrant does that they will be deported in a heart beat
Cero Z
Ludwig is a homo
Paul Carr
Tony's is a great fighter but because of what hes suffering from mentally I doubt they would let him fight again at all.
Even if they stabilize him mentally I doubt they will issue him a license to fight again because any head trauma from the octagon will only make him worse .
It's sad but hes got some serious issues whatever they are
Kenneth Flaming
if true its not looking good, throwing holy water at his wife, and thinking someone put a tracing chip in his leg lmao
what the hell happened to darren till, i had huge hopes for this kid?? The " they all gona get it", the " im gaonna rule 3 weigh divisons", the "im too big and strong", he has lost his last 3 fights in row ( well officially 2, but most feel he lost to wonderboy). sounds like he is the average fighter..i even think his grappling is below par which make me wonder he was doing in Brazil for all them years?? he has one look and once peopel figure it out he has no answer..brillaint fighters have multiple looks that can use depending on situation. its why jorge beat till, he did something he never did before.
5:03 OG baby.
Markus Gebäudereinigung
luke cant eat shots in mw why the heck hes goin to lhw ? this ll be a short short journey 4 him
jon story
Tony Ferguson is the type of guy who comes back from adversity and becomes champion by the end of 2019.
The all midgets in that gym
stephen schneider
Francis "Another black guy running from his family" Ngannou
Repeal the 19th MGTOW
Miesha: You can't smash a person's phone.
Also Miesha: But you can monkey branch from one guy to another and get pregnant.
Man shout out to Gorilla Till hopefully he’ll bounce back from this💯
Tre Mack
Miesha tate needs to just go away lol
GottyBeats V2
Ngannou will have a movie about him 100% i love Stipe and Cormier but i hope he becomes a dominant champ
Larry Medina
Masvidal finish was epic. I hope Yoel and George are champs.
I like Conor McGregor he's an interesting person .
Captain Bryce
CTE is real train safe.
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Dana White tells Tony Dana White explains why Tony 1 day ago   05:23

JRE MMA Show #21 with Brendan Schaub

Dana White makes a joke that Tony Ferguson should Stop Wearing Sunglasses Indoors!

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