A look at the energy storage solutions Why modern renewable power doesn’t 2 days ago   24:44

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With renewable energy production on the up, the need for dependable energy storage solutions has never been greater. Recently, new technologies have driven that storage to new levels of efficiency but the future of renewable energy depends on whether or not they take off.

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Dan Murphy
OMG had to stop watching 7 mins in, Need and want is all you hear about. How do I look intelligent with out looking like I have no Idea what the real answers are on storing energy. BTW "smart-grid" is an oxy-moron!!!
Doug Mcdonell
16:45 Suggesting that electrolysis of water has some connection with efficiency - nope! Also no mention that the lack of storage means using natural gas in many regions.
budding scientist
We can also use this method to atore energy👆👆
Thien Nguyen
i miss stockholm
Tim Worthington
Great to see that proven technology; that's available today could solve today's energy needs.
tre bushett
This lady certainly has the ability to store energy !
Widya R Pradana
John My views
Limited news here and no hard or new technical details given
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Why modern renewable power doesn’t A look at the energy storage solutions 2 days ago   04:41

More Americans work in the booming solar or windpower industries than in the coal industry, yet renewables are often claimed to be unreliable, needing vast and costly energy storage. Amory Lovins explains why that’s a myth.
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