A look at the energy storage solutions Tesla reveals the future of the power 2 days ago   24:44

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With renewable energy production on the up, the need for dependable energy storage solutions has never been greater. Recently, new technologies have driven that storage to new levels of efficiency but the future of renewable energy depends on whether or not they take off.

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Rikkos Hop
There is also "Liquid Air" !!!
Gary Lewis
The problem is scale. Nuclear is far better.
Gary Lewis
Make and store hydrogen then use fuel cells.
aasem al-lmki
Sounds like a utopia
Sherryl Keith
Make it yourself thanks to Avasva solutions. I think it's the best way to learn how to build it in the cheapest way.
Baron von Limbourgh
Stop talking to old industry giants. They are the worst in understanding the future of their industries lol.
Just ask kodak, ibm, it&t and horse breeders in 1900 lol.

The world will get all its power from pv by 2030 and it will be the cheapest energy in human history at nearly free.
Stop living in the past and except the disruption that is coming. It is the car, internet, mobile phones, digital imaging, mp3s all over again.
Dave Hedric
Sweden has nuclear energy is it really is in such a shock that their ahead in renewable energy. For some reason Americans and Europeans other than France are very squeamish about nuclear which is clean and pure energy.
PUMP HYDRO!!!!!!!!!!!
"can you explain electromagnetic theory?" what, why? What was the purpose of that tangent
$10T by 2040? Bernie's renewable plan alone is 16T. Where are these numbers coming from?
Dan Murphy
OMG had to stop watching 7 mins in, Need and want is all you hear about. How do I look intelligent with out looking like I have no Idea what the real answers are on storing energy. BTW "smart-grid" is an oxy-moron!!!
Doug Mcdonell
16:45 Suggesting that electrolysis of water has some connection with efficiency - nope! Also no mention that the lack of storage means using natural gas in many regions.
budding scientist
We can also use this method to atore energy👆👆
Thien Nguyen
i miss stockholm
Tim Worthington
Great to see that proven technology; that's available today could solve today's energy needs.
tre bushett
This lady certainly has the ability to store energy !
Widya R Pradana
John My views
Limited news here and no hard or new technical details given
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Tesla reveals the future of the power A look at the energy storage solutions 2 days ago   09:54

A partnership between Tesla and KIUC's (Kauaʻi Island Utility Cooperative) -- is vast -- 45 acres of solar panels situated among rolling green hills. Panels dip and rise with the contour of the land, feeding the energy of the sun to a 53MWh array of Tesla Powerpacks -- white boxes filled with batteries. That's more than double that of Tesla's battery Powerpack project in California.

Read on: https://www.engadget.com/2017/04/04/the-future-of-a-cleaner-cheaper-power-grid-is-batteries/

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