Elon Musk: How To Achieve 10x More 50 Entrepreneurs share priceless advice 2 days ago   13:30

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Elon Musk: How To Achieve 10x More Than Your Peers

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In this video we have three tips to achieve success and improvement as shown by Elon Musk! In five hundred years, we may look back and say, "Elon Musk was the single most influential person of our entire century." He has been able to do more in his 46 years than most of us could hope to do in ten lifetimes and yes, part of that is because Elon is incredibly smart and he works incredibly hard. ...and we're so hot up; we had just one computer so the website was up during the day and I was coding at night. ...work hard like it mean every waking hour; that's the thing I would say if your particular if you're starting a company. But working 100 hours a week still only puts you at two-and-a-half times as much as the average employee.

And most geniuses do not make the international impact that Elon has. In fact, the man with the highest IQ in the world, Chris Langan is a bouncer. So while smarts and work ethic are critical to Elon's success, in order to impact the world, you simply have to be able to influence other people; there's no way around it. That includes employees investors and the public at large and Elon Musk is unique here because on this channel, we can normally point to a leader's ability to nail a public speech.

02:15 Elon perseveres despite a lot of failures
05:05 Elon has a vision that inspires

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Charisma on Command
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Danny Mahoney
Nice funnel!
utpal chaman
Man , thank you for this video. Found right when needed.
I think a good point to make is that if your peers are not hardworking individuals, it is easy to achieve more than they will time and time again. Surround yourself with people that you can look up to and most of all learn from.
10x more than your peers? Who is this guy's peers? Sociopaths? People with Personality Disorders? Megalomaniacs? Define peer. He is PT Barnum.

Ted Bundy achieved 10x more than his peers, too - BTW. People loved him too. Be careful when you think charm and presentation of wealth are qualities.
Konrad Żuk
Funny thing: listening to books...no effort of reading... no effects on mind...sorry
Otavio Oliveira
The second part of the title ("than your peers") is wrong. We are not competing. There is no first place. The real competition is an inner battle of the self.
Amazing!! Really eye opening for me! Thanks a lot.
Indraja Salunkhe
yup. He works incredibly hard. That's the reason for his success.
FaZe Dane
Everyone look back here when ur older so you can say I saw the comment of the guy who was the first man on Mars!!
gol keeper
school for future losers
gol keeper
follow your heart. yes yes
gol keeper
brief lesson to emulate musk'..if your wiilling to lose 100 million dollars...well you are welcome
gol keeper
only a nerd era only a nerd society can worship a nerd.a wise society need wise men
Buz Off
Remarkable failure of our culture, using human resources, if smartest person is a bouncer.
noah torres
Bob Man Sanches
So baciclly just some good old soul
Willian Torres
Liked the video even more by the Brazil flag in your room at the end. = D
Tranks Naing
Elon Musk: I just want to think about the future......and not be sad
The Influencer Project
9:00 — This is one of the reasons why he will be remembered for generations. 💣
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50 Entrepreneurs share priceless advice Elon Musk: How To Achieve 10x More 2 days ago   18:40

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1) Jeff Bezos - Amazon - 0:00
2) Steve Jobs - Apple - 0:12
3) Pierre Omidyar - eBay - 0:33
4) Michael Dell - Dell - 0:59
5) Sergey Brin - Google 1:16
6) Biz Stone - Twitter 1:35
7) Gary Vaynerchuk - Wine Library 1:50
8) Daniel Ek - Spotify - 1:58
9) Kevin Rose - Digg, Tiiny - 2:29
10) James Altucher - 'Choose Yourself' - 2:55
11) Robert Greene - 'Mastery' - 3:21
12) Guy Kawasaki - Apple - 3:35
13) Steve Wozniak - Apple - 4:06
14) Mark Cuban - Broadcast - 4:26
15) Sam Altman - Loopt - 5:01
16) Tony Fadell - Nest - 5:12
17) Danae Ringelmann -Indiegogo - 5:26
18) Simon Sinek - 'Start With Why' - 5:46
19) Seth Godin - Marketing guru - 6:25
20) Evan Williams - Blogger, Twitter, Medium - 6:52
21) Reid Hoffman - LinkedIn - 7:13
22) Jack Dorsey - Twitter, Square - 7:45
23) Kevin Systrom - Instagram - 8:08
24) Drew Houston - DropBox - 8:34
25) Brian Chesky - Airbnb - 8:53
26) Peter Thiel - PayPal - 9:04
27) Elon Musk - Tesla, SpaceX - 9:14
28) Alan Schaaf - Imgur - 9:36
29) Chris Sacca - Baller Investor - 9:56
30) Paul Graham - Y Combinator - 10:18
31) Dennis Crowley - foursquare - 10:40
32) Eric Ries - The Lean Startup - 11:11
33) Leah Busque - TaskRabbit - 11:25
34) Anthony Casalena - Squarespace - 11:44
35) Alexis Ohanian - Reddit, Hipmunk - 12:03
36) Jason Fried, Basecamp - 12:21
37) Palmer Luckey - Oculus Rift - 12:42
38) Kamal Ravikant - AngelList - 12:52
39) Ben Silbermann - Pinterest - 13:19
40) Tony Hsieh - Zappos - 13:43
41) Andrew Mason - Groupon - 14:14
42) Richard Branson - Virgin - 14:39
43) Andrew Ljung - Soundcloud - 15:08
44) Justin Kan - Justin.tv - 15:30
45) Jessica Livingston - Y Combinator - 15:59
46) Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook - 16:14
47) Marc Andreessen - Andreessen Horowitz - 16:15
48) Dustin Moskovitz - Facebook - 17:22
49) Tim Ferriss - 4 Hour Work Week - 17:47
50) Emmett Shear - Twitch - 18:24

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