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Elon Musk: How To Achieve 10x More Than Your Peers

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In this video we have three tips to achieve success and improvement as shown by Elon Musk! In five hundred years, we may look back and say, "Elon Musk was the single most influential person of our entire century." He has been able to do more in his 46 years than most of us could hope to do in ten lifetimes and yes, part of that is because Elon is incredibly smart and he works incredibly hard. ...and we're so hot up; we had just one computer so the website was up during the day and I was coding at night. ...work hard like it mean every waking hour; that's the thing I would say if your particular if you're starting a company. But working 100 hours a week still only puts you at two-and-a-half times as much as the average employee.

And most geniuses do not make the international impact that Elon has. In fact, the man with the highest IQ in the world, Chris Langan is a bouncer. So while smarts and work ethic are critical to Elon's success, in order to impact the world, you simply have to be able to influence other people; there's no way around it. That includes employees investors and the public at large and Elon Musk is unique here because on this channel, we can normally point to a leader's ability to nail a public speech.

02:15 Elon perseveres despite a lot of failures
05:05 Elon has a vision that inspires

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Charisma on Command
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Kevin thomas
Its sad that the engineers at these giant tech companies who make everything get no credit. This is not a one man army. Give credit where it's due. If it was just Elon musk, none of this would be possible. That being said, still a great amount of respect to Elon for taking initiative and risk
Thanks so much for this video! Really great information. Peace
Muhammed Hashir
9:10 Elon's head is positioned right over the E in Tesla. Is that a coincidence? I Think not!
Silly Goose
Umh umm- Elon 2019
Young Bass
Probably on Adderall while doing all that constant work. Most successful people are on Adderall that's why they become so successful.
René Henriksen
Elon Musk is definitely a workaholic and pioneer. Damn he must be motivated
Biz Talk With Mike
I love Elon Musk.
PHD in Me TV
Good video! Thanks for sharing 🌸
So you achieve 10 times more than your peers, and then WHAT? Useless!
I wonder how much survivorship bias there is to the advice of blindly charge at your vision
The man with highest IQ Chris Langan, who's a bouncer... you know, its , of course, a matter of opinion, but if you actually watched an interview with him he sounds like he figured his life out. The man is not seeking for world domination and just lives simply and greedyless. He has a wife a house and other stuff and he said its enough, for me that looks way cooler and much more thought out. Musk, even though he looks like he logically would survive natural selection the longest out of most of us, mentally he reminds me of a child that had strict parents
Ben Susaj
Elon will be remembered for the star man which was stooping every traffic lights to may let us see that the earth is...a ball...yes..yes..A BALL..same as the scientific balls have spread in your blind brain!
Musk the single most influential person of our century? Perhaps, but to the same extent that P. T. Barnum was the most influential man of his.
Luis Vidalon
Stop scrolling, do your homework. 🍷
Timothy Bucci
Elon Musk and Warren Buffett
Emill Road
This time, aliens sent Nikola Tesla that understand business.
Emill Road
This time, aliens sent Nikola Tesla that understand business.
Tesla didn't invent anything beside a antenna that later got used to transmit a signal across the ocean. We already had radio and antenna.
nael yehya
sending people to hostile environments such as mars what a horrible idea ! why dont try to terraform vines instead .. plus we dont know if anyone have ever went to the moon .. so cut the crap
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