Where did Russia come from? The world’s most mysterious book 2 days ago   05:20

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Russia is the biggest country in the world, spanning one-eighth of the earth’s landmass. But where did it all begin? Alex Gendler explores the epic history of the Kievan Rus, where characters ranging from Viking raiders and Western crusaders to Byzantine missionaries and Mongol hordes all played a role to create a unique civilization standing at the crossroads of culture and geography.

Lesson by Alex Gendler, animation by Draško Ivezić.

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Гцээфюб Russia
Sherrick Scott
Russia came from Soviet Union
Vlado Atanasow
I really hate the fake “ russian “ letters pretty offensive
George Pavlov
The history of slavonic nations starts long before Russia or the rest of slavonic nations.
I personally think that Slavonic are shootoff of the Indo-Europeans.
What do you guys think?
Ruska pinen
Manuel Velez
im pretty sure this is the plot of A Song of Ice and Fire
Вбелом Пальто
O man, the rise and fall of the state called Kievan Rus. Are you serious? There was never a state called Kievan Rus. It's just a modern term to describe a certain period of Russian history.
Those are lies!
Paradox K
Oleg is not a son to Rurik. Igor is a son of Rurik. And Oleg is Uncle to Igor.
Александр Белянцев
Вчера смотрел историю земли вкратце, и за время захвата монголами Евразии с 390млн стало 340 млн на земле, вырезали всех кого могли
Their archers must be doing slav squat while aiming for thier enemies' head
I got Diabetes
The Origins Фf Russia.. Фf = Ff xD
Juanito Pelaez
Still waiting for the Philippine history
Yavor Kaloyanov
The alphabet is Bulgarian not Greek
Тарас Загайкевич
Тарас Загайкевич
This video is ABSOLUTELY INCORRECT!!! The “history” being presented here actually belongs to Ukraine! The Russians have hijacked true Ukrainian history and just claimed it as their own! Much like Australia, Russia actually came from a penal colony started by Rus (Ukraine) trying to exile its criminals and murderers! I can not believe that you guys are presenting this video lesson as fact! Outrageous!
7ack 777
Sounds like the story from beawolf
Alec Pedchenko
Oleg is pronounced as Alec by the way.
i like that you put lithuania in latvia gj idiots
from latvian mad guy
Hp Artiy2
Can I ask again? That are they in the firsyt place is islam or Christian??
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The world’s most mysterious book Where did Russia come from? 2 days ago   04:43

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Deep inside Yale's Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library lies a 240 page tome. Recently carbon dated to around 1420, its pages feature looping handwriting and hand drawn images seemingly stolen from a dream. It is called the Voynich manuscript, and it’s one of history’s biggest unsolved mysteries. The reason why? No one can figure out what it says. Stephen Bax investigates this cryptic work.

Lesson by Stephen Bax, animation by TED-Ed.

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