Trump supporter shoves BBC cameraman Life in the poorest city in the US - BBC News 1 day ago   01:26

BBC News
A camera is almost knocked to the ground to the ground while filming at Trump's "Finish the Wall" rally in El Paso, Texas.

Security staff later removed the crowd member who attacked a BBC cameraman and his equipment.

The incident came after the US president heavily criticised the media at the rally.

Mr Trump checked the cameraman was well with a thumbs up before continuing his speech.

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*Phuck the cuck cc*
Western Europe and especially Britain is too cucked to function
No Name Yet
BBC can back to the uk
Allen Culmo
Try again msm. For every "staged plant" act of violence towards the left, there are 10 real ones against the right.
Dutch van der Linde
Yeah just because one guy does this doesn’t mean we’re all like this. Dumbass leftists trying to make us look bad.
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app des
fuck you fake news media
TheDark Nite
What is it about the letters BBC that always causes white men to shrivel up and start stomping like an insecure 3 y.o. LOL!
Beau Giles
Stupid American bafoon attacking our media.
Lyskar Martinez
I cant believe this is still being pushed as a MAGA vs BBC
Tsu Tony
Fake news deserves shit
shinpaku 123
Notice how another trump supporter grabs the guy and moves him away never seen that from the left they usually help or pretend it never happened and let it continue from what I’ve seen from them
vulo vulo
heh Security staff later removed the crowd member
i saw immediately

and of course

The incident came after the US president heavily criticised the media

it had to be pointed at
Lt Enclave Soldier
BBC promoting homosexually to children
John Miller !!!!!!!!
Emily Merz
Kodi Schitter
They don't want cameras there because they don't want the world to see how stupid all trump supporters are and how easily he can get them to do stupid things.
The sociopathic bipolar always returns where he's most comfortable with to seek his validation. Amongst the land of idiotic supporters who can't reason nor rhyme....
Senator McCain stated that he will stir up the nutjobs out of the woodwork.....
Its a shit show at trump rallies
Eric Schmidt
It's like a Nazi rally
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Life in the poorest city in the US - BBC News Trump supporter shoves BBC cameraman 1 day ago   03:14

In the tiny city of Escobares, Texas, 62% of residents live below the poverty line.

That's the highest rate of any US city with more than 1,000 people, according to the 2016 US Census Bureau survey.

Directly on the US-Mexico border, the city struggles with crime and unemployment.

But local officials say they're trying hard to lift Escobares out of the cycle of poverty.

Video produced by: Cecilia Barria and Mohamed Madi

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