Trump supporter shoves BBC cameraman "No President Ever Worked Harder" 2 days ago   01:26

BBC News
A camera is almost knocked to the ground to the ground while filming at Trump's "Finish the Wall" rally in El Paso, Texas.

Security staff later removed the crowd member who attacked a BBC cameraman and his equipment.

The incident came after the US president heavily criticised the media at the rally.

Mr Trump checked the cameraman was well with a thumbs up before continuing his speech.

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knowledge journey
Well done president Trump supporter.
The whole crowd booed his action but FUCK TRUMP am I right.

Seriously IDK what to think, please someone confirm my opinion
my name is chef
That guy must think he's Martin Luther King
Dan S
"where do these people come from" donald says, as the men wearing the maga hats rip a sign out of the hands of a lady protester and roughs her up. Uhm Donald, they were wearing your hats. "where do they come from"? LOL
Mr. Cool
Agitator fake imposter wearing MAGA hat.
I like how they neglected the fact that it was also Trump supporter that pulled him back. I never seen a liberal pull anther liberal attacking somebody off.
Daniel Smith
Trump tards at their best.....
Tim W
Wouldn't be surprised if the camera got dislodged from the stand and the BBC saw an opportunity. I bet the phrase, "Who has a MAGA hat?" came up.
Nefer khnumu Builders Society
They're a violent bunch
American Freedom World Peace
LMFAO Trump STILL OWES EL PASO, TEXAS $470,000 for the really he held... Those gullible Trump supporters got SCAMMED!
tim huynh
Trump 2020
"Trump supporter" still has his price tag on his hat so that he can return it after the VERY obvious set-up is over.
Brimstone Helix
This is embarrassing for the so called leaders of America! No control over the situation. Trump is happy the American public is fighting with each other.
Hunter wolfe
Love how leftists ate freaking out about this whole theta hundreds of videos of leftists attacking people but the left ignores those
Jake Snake
MAGA 2020
IDont LikeTraps
For those who didnt catch the beginning. He was referring to how the non white races have reached a low point and he wants to bring them to an equal level to whites
hahhaha he should have killed that cameraman :D
Kaleb Lippert
Oh Texas, Your backwardness never seems to amaze me.
Player Unknown
Trump 2020!!!
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"No President Ever Worked Harder" Trump supporter shoves BBC cameraman 2 days ago   03:41

Someone inside the Trump administration leaked his private work schedule, which again looked very light. According to the schedule, Trump spends the first five hours of the day on what they call “Executive Time.” The White House is investigating who leaked the schedule, and in the meantime, Trump lashed out at the press for covering this and he defended himself saying that no president has ever worked harder than him. At this point, he has spent more time tweeting about how hard he works than actually working. Donald Trump also just had his annual physical and his doctor says he is in “very good health.” A lot of people wonder how his health could be so good, and it’s very simple really. Every day, he sticks with a program he trusts.

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"No President Ever Worked Harder" Than Donald Trump

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