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Golf trick shot extraordinaire Tania Tare sits down with Daniel to tell him about her unusual talent.

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Comments 447 Comments

She gives me a 9 iron...
Siberius the Sleeping Serpent
What brand is that sweetass v-neck vest?
The only reason females play golf is to spend time with their uber rich dads in order to spend time and secure a inheritance. Before clicking I assumed this would be a girl doing golf ball tricks with her vagina
Why does she sound Australian.
Babe Didrikson Zaharias ftw :)
J Qaz
Nobody watching this even knows Baba Booey I'm 28 and this was one of my favorite shows these kids are 28 and they can't understand that killing a baby after it's born is not okay
J Qaz
J. C.
Damn, lady. That's awesome.
Riot Act
Greatest Golf Movie ever. Hands down is...... Caddy Shack
James Volk
I like her voice
Logans Auto Paint Repair
Looks good horrible accent , less golf and more practice on how to speak with out that fucked up accent.
Ashton Carlos
Her voice sucks ass
Vincent Labarbera
Dude's right about Caddyshack. Sorry.
Jason Thornton
Tosh - "shouldn't the coarse distance be the same since men and women are equal now?"
Her - " they're not because their pay is still different."
Tosh - "well that has to do with how much they draw (meaning audience due to popularity)"

Her- back to the original question...
Josh Bailey
Hot soup!!
scorch burns
4:36 did anyone else take the time to pause the stats? Last one is "number of friends of color: multiple"
Marius Toderas
Is the 900 good? i see that on average people get 100 in an 18 hold score. that means her score is really horrible but i think im misunderstanding or misheard
Aaron Rowe
anyone mention she looks and sounds kinda like elon musk, felon musk?
Taps fan
Comedy Central, you're a complete bunch of pussies... Take care assholes 😀
The Sentinel
" because arizona's so fucking boring " lol gold courses dot the state especially in snotsdale .
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Key & Peele - Lightning in a Bottle - Uncensored CeWEBrity Profile - Golf Girl 2 days ago   03:41

Levi casually unveils the array of strange and magical objects he keeps around his apartment.

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