Who’s the Man Ranting Inside Bagel Inside a Submarine That Transports 1 day ago   02:22

Inside Edition
A shocking video shows a customer at a New York bagel store losing it because he says women reject him over his height. The man, identified as Chris Morgan, lives on Long Island. “Why is it OK for women to say, ‘oh, you're five feet,’ on dating sites. ‘You should be dead?’ That's OK?” he screamed during the incident. When pointed out that no one in the store had said that to him, he replied, “Women in general have said it on dating sites.”

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Ray Parker Jr
We need to recruit this man for the Area 51 raid.
What's his youtube channel?
Typical coward. Just wanted to get someone else to start a fight so he could play victim.
Poor guy... Hates being a victim but keeps playing the victim too... Honestly, I like short guys, but not if he's gonna be like that everyday :(
bryan bryan69
This is a good meme ma dude
nilufar hussein
Definitely got curved
Saints man 1282
We need him for area 51 like to agree
luca gondolfo
“I just wanted some bagels” 🤣
Nikee Alexis
It’s so funny when he said you’re acting like I committed a mass shooting I wouldn’t be surprised months or years from now if he creates a manifesto against or about women and he decides to walk into a place and massacre people or mostly women because he’s angry at the world wondering why women reject him. I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes on a rape spree and becomes a serial rapist and rapes/murders women because he’s angry that women reject him. Y’all we need to watch out for this guy I mean how can he say that he doesn’t like the reporter who he had just met? It looks like he despises/ hates women so much. Why would women be attracted to you anyway when you have a horrible angry negative attitude!!!!
I love this guy
Anderson Ricardo
Short men syndrome!!!
well he ain't lying. It's a double standard. I hear women say this all the time that they don't like short men and they'll tell short guys this to their faces. I hear women say it all the time, I like a man thats 6-4, makes 6 k a year and has a six pack. But if it was the other way around it would be messed up.
“Go ahead and attack then-“
*inserts picachu meme*
Alex Jones
Short ass
Kevin Rahman
Wait... what's his YouTube channel? Theres no link in the description.
Dwight shrutte
When you have literally
nothing else to report on.

Woman: you shouldn't puch children
Stephy S.
Why do I feel like this will be southpark episode soon... LOL!
Welp 2
I just wanted a begal...
Kevin Cherveny
Lol I’ve been to this bagel store countless times, if I was their when he was throwing a hissy fit, I would of layed his ass out
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