Brexit deadline extended for half Brexit date delayed until 2 days ago   06:36

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Theresa May and EU leaders have settled on the end of October as the new deadline for Brexit. The delay was agreed during late-night talks in Brussels. It spares the UK from a no-deal departure at the end of this week. After winning this reprieve from the EU, May says she's determined to deliver an orderly exit as soon as possible. EU leaders say they will meet in June to review the progress made by British lawmakers. May is expected to address the British Parliament on Thursday.

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I am furious, and I am sure that many other Europeans are too, that Britain is not gone, down the tubes, washed out, already. The Brits had 1,000 days to leave and the EU discredits itself by giving any delays. If the EU wanted Euro-skeptics and/or the extreme right parties to win the upcoming elections, it would not have done anything differently. Britain is sh*te!
Tom Hermens
Is anyone going to tell me what the cost of staying in for a further 6 months is going to be?? Or are we as tax payers not allowed to know.
Dean Beck
Democracy is now dead in the uk,we are now living in a dictatorship dangerous times
The Reckoner
Who CARES now?!!!!!
JP jay
you never know if May is dancing or just walking.
I´m confused
Андрей Александрович
Brexit becoming a Breturn
U.K. should get w new leader and reset to either free trade only or no deal wto
High Holy Day of Satan chosen by the Tower of Babel leaders... You can't make these things up...
D. Pedro do Brasil
The Elites running the EU and Britain don't want and won't deliver the democratic will of the British People.
The Elites running the governments of Western countries don't care about the will or well-being of White Nations.
The Elites want the Western World to become a Multicultural chaos, so that they can fully install their Totalitarian State.
cw porter
They want to keep us in, because they want our money.
Wish it had been for longer , but we must use the time to stop this ridiculous Brexit altogether , At least peoples holidays will go smoothly this summer ( no extra insurance cost 's and trouble going in and out )
Hee Sing Sia
What is the delay really about? Nobody involved will come out unscathed in brexit , deal or no deal. Are they trying to stop a no deal because they have too much money involved and they're just trying to limit the damage to their own pockets? Who cares about the public, I need to make sure my money is safe first.
May you buy my 🍗 chit & chips 👩
Grant Holder
May, no one wants your wretched deal. Try listening to the public instead of shouting at them.
Another successful hijack from EU. Democracy is a myth.
Michael Elmer
From a American citizen with deep English roots:
May must have been
bought off by the EU with money (40 billion pounds are at stake the EU )
or an offer of a life time position with the EU.
Why else would she
Sellout her country, ruin her own political party, and put the citizens
of England into permanent slavery to the EU???
Follow the money.
A great American patriot- PATRICK HENRY said in a famous speech in 1776, "GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH"
A great American politician - Thomas Jefferson said in 1787 - "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of
patriots and tyrants!"
Both were of British families but felt the need to resist royal imposition of unjust laws and actions.
cw porter
It's like a Chinese water torture.
Jorge Machado Alves
All right, girl, just go home, say hi to your MPs and enjoy another 6 months. Then we'll start again ...
roger woodhouse
Shes stalling in the hope that parliament is pursuaded to accept her false leave deal before October.It is disfusting that the EU is controlling the deal in which we are allowed to leave!
Robert Brown
She's the biggest con artist the worlds ever known, at least give her credit for that.
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Brexit date delayed until Brexit deadline extended for half 2 days ago   03:16

Theresa May has confirmed she plans to call another vote on her Brexit deal "soon" despite EU leaders agreeing to delay Brexit until 31 October.

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