Products that promise "detox" Ramzan Kadyrov: brutal tyrant, 2 days ago   04:10

Humans have worried about toxins since Ancient Egypt. We can relax.

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Andriansyah Prihantono
i never want to buy those product... the taste is just bad
maurice a.
Chris Martin
This Vox video = propaganda, dis & mis-information, it's FAKE NEWS and jumping on this "bandwagon" could harm just as bad as ingesting the latest hot detox product. I've been doing methodical, month long internal cleansing every six to twelve months for years. Each time, I see visible results and feel clear improvements. While mine are simplistic, they require ongoing education and disciplined lifestyle changes, especially during those times.
Everything you spoke about had a condescending tone mainly toward celebrities and ancient fads, only citing some vague recent "study". Why not look into Ayurveda, colon hydrotherapy, chelation therapy, removing mercury fillings, and other specific ways to support the body to eliminate toxins stored in fat cells, organs & beyond. Instead you took the lazy, easy way out.
Our bodies are being flooded with over 8000 chemicals & chemical compounds, only a small fraction of which have been properly tested for safety, (our corrupt corporate gov hard at work via our tax dollars). But even that's minor compared to how our secret gov is poisoning us through programs within the whole geoengineering sphere (See and soon 5G. The shock, horror and shame good people will feel when they learn how our gov is using our own tax dollars to methodically poison us all is not just a conspiracy theory, but a well proven set of events happening now.
Too bad Vox "News" Media and all other main stream news media outlets are not allowed to investigate or report on our worst tragedy yet, second only to nuclear war, well beyond climate change and mostly all man made. I'm afraid taking a few detox pills won't help, nor will just eating better.
Jaivon Jenkins
People are just trying to sell detox to make money.

What you want is helping to promote the bodies function to detox.. like keeping lymph and bowels flowing. Thats all!
Karl Hungus
This is a LEGIT colon cleanse:
Karl Hungus
Good video. Here's something else worth considering:
*How to Detox Your Body with Real Science (Instead of Pseudoscience)*
Ouis Sandy
You can destroy your gut bloom. That means you sneeze you poop yourself. So yeah keep detoxing
I had a "detox" advertisement before I saw this
Atheist Mommy
I never believed those products either, but it's scarry how many people do.
Julia Nymwhen
One of the stupidest 'detox' hypes I hears was about carbon as food colouring in ice-cream, and that it had a detoxing effect. Carbon IS detoxing, it is really useful when you have FOOD POISONING. Don't think you are going for an ice cream then though. It's so stupid that we think fat and sugar are 'toxins', they are not, they are unhealthy in large amounts but they are not toxic.
seriously? really?
Sorry, in defense of Amazon it's all just free marketing. No different than a bricks and mortar store- they just sell stuff, not decide whether it's a fraud. Buyer beware. Its up to the FDA to decide what to regulate. If you buy a "diet pill" with the claim that they guarantee it as long as you follow the plan exactly as the say- and then give you an herbal pill to take plus a 800 calorie a day diet, well, you will lose weight...because...the 800 calorie a day diet will not be enough calories to maintain your current weight! Voila! You both win. You paid to be duped in believing in magic beans because that's the pychological crutch you needed.
Oliver Konzel
I Got An Advert For Detoxing Before This Vid
Jeffrey Phillip
Thought it was about dope nvm... Still a good video.
Soullight Aura
That girl needs to clear her throat like holy
Into the Crazy
am i the only one that got a detox ad on this very video?
So stupid.
Luca Ostuni
The irony of the fact that I'm watching this at 6:20 am
Sora Fujioka
I LOVE the fact that a detox ad popped up for this video XD
You mean shame.
Sivert Nordang
did they mean scam?
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Ramzan Kadyrov: brutal tyrant, Products that promise "detox" 2 days ago   08:53

Meet the Chechen leader allegedly torturing gay people.

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Ramzan Kadyrov is the leader of Chechnya. He is a Putin proxy that has been in charge of the Russian republic since 2007. Recent reports have alleged that Kadyrov is systematically identifying and persecuting homosexual Chechen citizens. Many have fled the country in fear and have given interviews detailing his plans to kidnap, torture, and kill gay people. Despite the dark revelations, Kadyrov has continued to maintain an upbeat profile on Instagram, where he is a prolific user. Post by post, Kadyrov has used the social media platform to carefully craft a public image that distracts from his sinister behavior. Online he tends to post pictures of animals, selfies with friends, sports clips, and glamorous footage of Grozny, the capital of Chechnya. On the other hand, he also features imagery that hints at the darker aspects of his leadership. Kadyrov has a personal militia, called the “Kadyrovtsy”, and in various posts they can be seen shooting guns, performing training exercises, and practicing combat tactics. In doing so, he implies a clear threat to anyone who chooses to cross the Chechen leader. Two other common subjects are his religious faith and Vladimir Putin. Kadyrov is a devout Muslim and he leverages his faith to promote a strict interpretation of Islam: one that limits the role of women and endorses cruel punishment. He is also a fervent supporter of Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia. By featuring Putin in his posts, Kadyrov makes his deference to the Russian leader explicit. That is because Putin helped bring Kadyrov to power and affirms the authority of his Chechen subordinate. As long as Kadyrov maintains stability in the North Caucasus, Putin will continue to protect Kadyrov. That being said, if anyone is going to hold Kadyrov responsible for the troubling accusations about gay persecution, it will be Vladimir Putin. The more the world takes notice, the more Putin will have to, as well. is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out to get up to speed on everything from Kurdistan to the Kim Kardashian app.

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