Brexit: How are flower sellers in the Netherlands Comparing No Deal Brexit Preparations 1 day ago   01:52

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If you're living in Britain and planning to buy flowers for Valentine's Day, there's a high chance they're from continental Europe. Four out of five flowers sold in the UK arrive from the Netherlands, but with #Brexit, exporters are fearful about their future.

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odins wolf
we can grow are own flowers to put on the grave of the EU
Mark O'nee 1
Did you know the ones picking the flowers in the fields across europe are mostly employed by gang masters , you can spend all day picking and they check your work at the end of the day .Usually most of your pick will be rejected for a single flower being below the gang masters standards = NO WAGES ...
Maybe this will bring an end to the EU backed slavery of the poorest , same scenario with the salad picker's , they can fill a 1 ton pallet and have it rejected because of a single browned leaf on a single lettuce from the whole pallet .
But this is endorsed and has become expected to keep prices down as we endure artificial inflation created by these monsters .
Sheeple are Lame
Soon there'll be no insects to pollinate those flowers, which solves that problem
Raymundo Gapan
From all the single people F*ck valentines day
I want a new vote now!!! No one told me a petal might fall of a flower!!!
ALL Flowers will die instantly in the UK if a no deal Brexit happens.........
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Comparing No Deal Brexit Preparations Brexit: How are flower sellers in the Netherlands 1 day ago   21:19

So how have the EU been preparing for a No Deal Brexit compared to the UK? Well, the EU have put systems and procedures in place to mitigate some of the damage whereas the UK ... hasn't.

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