The Perfect Mother - SNL Ellen's Permanent Dedication to Dame 1 day ago   03:50

Saturday Night Live
A mother (Emma Thompson) and daughter (Heidi Gardner) assure each other of their motherhood abilities.

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Bella Bee
What was it she said to her neighbor when she was taking the trash to the curb?
Emma Thompson is amazing
Mine put Vaseline all over the TV himself and stuck a glob in the vcr. I didn't yell just cleaned him up. He found my Bobby pins and was sticking them in the wall socket getting zapped. I got plugs for the sockets and when he put the pin in he couldn't do it. He was 12 months old. Now he will be 42 and it feels like yesterday. I kept saying don't get upset he will be a man soon. I miss that tiny guy.😪 Love Mama
Johnny Smith
shit all the way up her back....if u have kids then you know that shit really happens sometimes....i was rollin
Audrey B
There are times like this when I'm so glad to be childfree and so grateful to my mom xD
the king
Literally thought she was a Hillary Clinton
I love this, especially Emma looking like the perfect Hilary Clinton impersonator lol
Journey 2Asia
As a mom..." were they non-toxic? She'll shit them out."
Kanga Ryuk
Holy fuck, I never .. ever want kids.

I am happy with my opossums and ferrets tyvm.
ava grace
all the mothers on here relating and i’m like ??? i would hope my mother never read my journal and called me a slut lol
Robotic Pool Cleaner
Did Mikey Day divorce Amy Schumer?
Don't have children. It's a trap.
Karina A Vázquez Torres
I have gone through some of that. 😂🤣
Jared Wilson
2:09 True Parenting...



Emily Lian
I need to see Mayim on this show!
Daniel Melcher
This must be about the Clintons
Sarah Biko
Hi everyone, did anyone else cry?
Chris Angelo
Nick she has sh*t up her back
To her neck
Had me laughing
I remember from the time I was in a crib, really. I'm in my 60's and my mom was so amazing. She was Donna Reed and an angel all rolled into one. I became a successful artist because she did whatever it took to help me excel and BE HAPPY in my life. Our home was spotless, 3 wonderful meals everyday, a kiss for dad with a dance around the kitchen when he got home from work. I never married, never had kids, and couldn't be happier.
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Ellen's Permanent Dedication to Dame The Perfect Mother - SNL 1 day ago   05:25

Emma Thompson is turning 60 soon, and in her honor, Ellen did something she's never done before... a royal dedication in the Riff Raff Room. Emma also explained why she thinks the next decade of her life is going to be "fascinating," and the awkward moment she had with Prince William while receiving her damehood at Buckingham Palace.


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