World War 3 Russian invasion imminent NATO Tanks Moving Into 2 days ago   02:52

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World War 3: Russian invasion imminent? Ukraine SHUTS border in panic over Putin's army
A GLOBAL outbreak of war could be on the horizon, amid fears in Ukraine that a Russian invasion is imminent, as they implement a shock ban against Russian men aged between 16 and 60 from entering the country. Thank you for watching.
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allan allen
I wish YouTube would ban all these robot vids, lazy pointless click baits making easy cash. Always the harbingers of doom n gloom especially when they always shout WW3 With any troubles going on in the world. Youtube sucks allowing this kind of trash channels. No more robot spam.
Tommy Pickren
Two kids in the school yard, circling each other, neither really wants to fight, but the gathering crowd continues to push, and taunt; sooner or later, it will come to physical contact..... The crowd wants to see blood, and they don't care who's it is;;;;; as long as it's not their's. .........
Rodrigo BG
Poroshenko lets the children dig trenches, if I'm not mistaken, something similar did Hitler, when he already knew that Germany loses the war. Poroshenko knows that he loses the presidential election in Ukraine, so had to do something to introduce martial law! Who uses a brain knows that Russia is not interested in further sanctions and, therefore, this provocation is not from the workshop of the Kremlin! Good Luck!
Rodrigo BG
LOL:...If you are using your brain, so you must be clear that Russia would in this case at all did not profit. Do you think that Russia needs more sanctions and, therefore, must provoke?. If you think that yes, you're crazy! On the contrary, to whom this may benefit is the p resident Poroshenko, because after the introduction of martial law is the prohibition of the collection and the implementation of elections, so think about that and what kind of talk is nonsense. The passage under the Kerčským the bridge now has its rules and it is not possible here to allow passage without an accompanying Russian vessels. Why? Because already more than once heard from the mouth and from the high places of Ukraine, the need to blow it up, that is why there are such measures. In September of this year ran the war of the Ukrainian ships under the bridge under the escort and everything went normally, so why did she have to Ukraine this time to respond otherwise is already clear! Options!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Labu #
Ukraine should stop provoking Russia , they are playing with fire
MASON icxx
Lol.. monetised War mongering? Wtf Youtube
Stewart Reid
What a load of claptrap!
saravanan kesavan
Poroshenko is mentally ill and needs immediate medical attention.
Boring propaganda from Yenkee based Ukraine.
Kay Bass
Trump and Putin have/ will have a handshake agreement that they will not fight war, one against the other, and nobody else can turn aside their handshake peace accord. In harmony with their agreement; Mr Trump will loosen his alliance with the EU; and he already has; while Mr Putin will also loosen his alliance with Iran, in reciprocation. This opens the door to war for both of them.

That's why Scriptural prophecy shows a war between Russia and the EU occurring at a time of a banking systems meltdown and the loss of the Euro currency. This effectively bankrupts 25 countries and minor municipalities all at the same time; so their military forces are all on their backs together. Ezekiel 7: 19-22.

Also, the war between the US, allies and Iran appears with the crushing of Iran economically, followed by the destruction of Iran's nuclear assets. The pilots refuel in Saudi Arabia on their way back. This is the reason why the Middle East is bombed; and Iran is bombed, and these Scriptures are available to anybody who asks me, for example Daniel 8: 20, 23-25 a prophecy about [Media, Persia] Iraq and Iran at 'the time of the end', as outlined there. Here we see the US and allies described in their activities by Daniel. Notice the war with the US and Iraq has already occurred.

When the bombing of the Middle East occurs, the politicians might as well destroy the financial system with a wracking ball, because this is the result of their missiles deployment. 2Peter 3: 10 That is why the wars that have already appeared, along with considerable build-up destroy the present fiat currency system, and this system is no longer sustainable. It is over. That is why the God of prophecy explains what happens, why, and when, and what He is doing to perform the biggest rescue of mankind by God that this planet will ever see. Revelation 7: 9, 14.Rev 11: 15, 18.

A Great Leader has been appointed to lead faithful mankind into the Kingdom of God. It is someone we know by reputation. It is Christ Jesus the King Revelation 12: 10. Christ will destroy the wicked Revelation 19: 11, 19-21, in addition to fighting for and rescuing all those persons of faith He has already died for. YOU CAN SURVIVE. Psalms 37: 10, 11, 29 THIS planet is to be redeveloped and cleansed into a Paradise that we will create together. Luke 23: 43.

Yes, indeed, Trump and Putin have a friendship, and they make a peace agreement between themselves. But even though the US and Russia will not fight war one against the other, this does not save the fiat currency system from complete destruction and wars. This handshake agreement between Trump and Putin opens the door to the Great tribulation. Matthew 24: 21, 22.
Gian Luca Lo Medico
make me laugh how can speak about poroshenko as president... is a west backed dictator which only 2% of the country wants... but he is there thanks to american support, and american propaganda, like this channel... how people can be so brainwashed to not see
Ukraine seems to be picking a fight with Russia at every turn and corners. They are pandering to their Zionist US masters.
Acting tough is easy but can you bear the consequences? Be careful when you mess with the Bears....... Poro is trying to drag US and EU/NATO into fighting for them. Get the US, not NATO, to fight with Comrade Russia… Just send them a Topol-M for Trumpsgiving will ya!!!
Russian tanks just 11 miles from the border? Russia will invade right up to the river in Kiev within 2 days but by then there’ll be nothing left in Kiev…..
Postpone the Election…. Postpone the Election…. Postpone the Election…. That’s the whole idea isn’t it? You bomb them; you get them... plain and simple. Putin has warned this many time
It'll all be over by Christmas. Ha! Ha! Ha!
P.S. Get a new voice.
Drama Queer Porky. Keep the hysteria up.
Baikal Lake
India and China must help Russia to annex Ukraine into motherland Russia with massive 500 thousand soldiers from each country. There is noway or highway for Russia's friends accept giving Russia massive army power.
Universal Law
Putin the butcher...
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