IT CHAPTER 2 Breakdown! Easter Eggs IT Chapter 2 EXPLAINED & EASTER EGGS 2 days ago   15:14

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IT Chapter 2 Easter Eggs! What are all the secret cameos, Stephen King references, and horror film homages hidden throughout the sequel to IT? Where is Pennywise hiding in secret background appearances throughout the film? Erik Voss breaks down It Chapter Two scene by scene for all the details you might have overlooked, including references to the IT novel, the 1990 miniseries, and nods to horror films like The Shining and John Carpenter's The Thing. What is Pennywise's origin? What is the significance of the TURTLE imagery throughout the IT films? How do the Losers defeat IT? And what is the deeper meaning of the quote in the IT Chapter 2 final scene?


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Christina Jensen
Wow, you're bad at Danish ;)
Austin Bresnahan
I'll be honest that Paul bunyan jump scare got me
Your Tim Curry impression is priceless 🤣
Freckelz Grant
The fast enough to beat the devil is a reference to the chapter in the book
The Stop Gobber
I go for walks in my storm drains all the time and one time someone else was doing it and I laughed like a clown, scared the shit out of them lol
Gloria Martinez
Who can agree the unsettling scene was the half crying baby half insect🐜🐜🐜 form that came out of the fortune cookie 🍪
Elle Sayz
Perhaps the turtle that those boys thought they saw was bevs huge gaping snatch.
You kinda look like the original kid version Ben from the 90s mini series grown up.
Colin Connelly9
Why did so many people get scared by Paul Bunyan
Ruth Jimenez
"It has seen you."
*looks over shoulder to make sure I'm not about to be murdered*
10:38 there's also a chapter in the book that is titled Bill Denbrough beats the devil
The scariest part for me was pennywise’s grandma turned umm weirder
The scariest moment was when pennywise bit off this girls face
Yeetus the Deetus
The spookiest moment was when dean died in the house of mirrors
Jason Greenberg
One could also link "Mr. Grey" to the "Mr. Grey" alien from Dreamcatcher
Danny Cassaro
that plug for audible gave me cancer
J. Rose
I loved that they tackled common phobias throughout the films. Fears of spiders, clowns, drowning, as well as claustrophobia, homophobia.
J. Rose
Henry Bowers was the most useless character in this entire movie. I would've been satisfied if they actually killed him off in the previous film.
Naomi Martinez-Goldstick
The scariest part for me was when Bev used SEWING scissors to open the baseboard! Hurt my heart.
NR really reach for alot of this.
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IT Chapter 2 EXPLAINED & EASTER EGGS IT CHAPTER 2 Breakdown! Easter Eggs 2 days ago   17:44

The Ending of IT Chapter 2 explained, the secret Maturin turtle twist and all the easter eggs you missed!

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Evil resurfaces in Derry as director Andy Muschietti reunites the Losers Club in a return to where it all began with “IT Chapter Two,” the conclusion to the highest-grossing horror film of all time. Twenty-seven years after the Losers Club defeated Pennywise, he has returned to terrorize the town of Derry once more. Now adults, the Losers have long since gone their separate ways. However, kids are disappearing again, so Mike, the only one of the group to remain in their hometown, calls the others home. Damaged by the experiences of their past, they must each conquer their deepest fears to destroy Pennywise once and for all...putting them directly in the path of the clown that has become deadlier than ever.

New Line Cinema presents, a Double Dream/Vertigo Entertainment/Rideback Production, an Andy Muschietti film, IT CHAPTER TWO.

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