ALADDIN Trailer 2 (2019) The Most Anticipated Movies Of 2019 1 day ago   02:40

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New trailer for Aladdin

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So here is Genie...!
Hxney Vibes
only watching cuz will smiths in it 💀
Neil McInnes
Will smith as a genie wow
Where is the soul stone Aladdin?
Rianne R
Aladdin isnt as sexy as he shld be, sorry
The Foxx
Bell Iron Fist
Godsaysdepartfromme I never knew you!
Disney 3six logo! Demon possessed actors sell outs!

Ppl wake up being deceived by demons actors!

Repent, give all to God, must have one on one relationship with God. Don't know God your lost!

People you going to hell! Read james 4:4 kjv Bible.

On YouTube Marriage supper Susan Davis . Your soul depends on it!
Ade 1999
I don't want these
A.R. Graziano
Will Smith as Genie???
Will F*cking Smith???
Who are they going to get for the Sultan, Danny DeVito???
Tetea Chhakx
oh no
Pardon me are you Aaron burr sir
Why does this look so bad???
Its cool that they casted the right ethnic people, but they look like random people. The imitators at the parks look a lot more closer to the cartoon movies than all these actors. Also who tf thought will smith was a good choice for genie. Will smiths shark tale voice doesnt fit genie. Also his facial structure forced them to make his face chunkier to fit the part but its just not right. At least the other live action movies were good. They casted the right kid for moglie. How did they fuck up this whole cast.
Whitewashed Jasmine! SUCKSSSSSS
I'm hyped to see the tiger companion (Raja?) and that's literally it
Shilho Avakin
Will Will Smith the Smith Smith Will Smith the Smith?
Yes, Will Smith the Smith Will Smith Will Smith The Smith.
But why Will Will Smith the Smith Smith Will Smith The Smith?
Nobody knows why Will Smith The Smith Will Smith Will Smith The Smith.
I Will gonna watch Will Smith The Smith Smith Will Smith The Smith
So, Will you come watch Will Smith The Smith Smith Will Smith The Smith with me?
I would really appreciate if you Will watch Will Smith the Smith Smith Will Smith the Smith.
Thank you for watching Will Smith the Smith Smith Will Smith the Smith.

From your Smith partner:
Will Smith the Smith
its rewind time
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The Most Anticipated Movies Of 2019 ALADDIN Trailer 2 (2019) 1 day ago   07:42

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