🇸🇦 Adel al-Jubeir: 'We'll New Saudi envoy to UAE was privy to Khashoggi 1 day ago   00:44

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Saudi Arabia doesn't need a United Nations-led probe or an international investigation into the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi because its "competent legal system" can handle the matter, said its minister of state for foreign affairs.
Adel al-Jubeir told the US TV programme Face the Nation on Sunday that the October 2 slaying of the journalist inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul was "a massive tragedy" and denied it was sanctioned by Saudi Arabia's leadership.

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alex kan
Peter Justice never will served, order come from MBS Salman and killing team is in Saudi Arabia, we will never now if they will be punished, they say 5 people have dead penalties who are they ? They don’t share this info anyway forget it there will be never justice even with involvement of UN, because there is no in forced games bodies
Life Fitness
ashole. saudi
alex kan
Helen, because Saudis did not allow Turkish investigators search the well inside the Saudi consuls home they did open the sewer outside his home and found acid, so it’s clear they used acid to get rid of body flesh however bones could be still remains in there and they don’t allow Turks to search to well, Turkish investors requested search few days after this horrific crime up to now, by the way have you seen the chief Saudi prosecutor? They will never admit for the crime, it doesn’t matter for Turkish government because they have the last part of the video and voice recording which they are not releasing it, at this recording MBS is talking with Chopping team, congratulate them, Turkish government released everything which this is enough evidence to send some one to get beheaded in Saudi Arabia, Turks entire evidence except last part was given to western countries they want US and EU governments to acknowledge and act yet unfortunately arms sales $$ is more powerful then a human been chopped inside the consulate, have you seen the consul invited journalists to consulate and told them come and take a look he is not here! Yet he opened the small drawers to show that he isn’t there! Idiot basics admits they chopped poor man so small parts what an idiots, I hate these criminals also ashame to EU and uS hearing his screaming plea and still ignore it!
alex kan
Saudi territory on the Turkish soil
Alberto Enriquez
Still looking! What a hateful, horrible farce.
Matthew Heminger
Is this guy gonna join OJ on the Golf Course and search for the real killers?
jake spivey
Let's face it, the Saudis probably told Trump before hand that they were going to commit this murder; he probably greenlighted it and said sure go ahead, it's a WP reporter you'll be doing me a favor. The Saudi government is savage; they still do public beheadings, they sometimes do them in stadiums like it's a sporting event. Besides his shady business dealings with the Saudis, Trump probably wishes that we could have the same thing here; well, not now but, perhaps if there's a second term for Trump.
Garbo goldstein
wow man that guy looks 30 year older without his arab dress
khashoggi was forgotten...then saudi tanker sails to venezuela to load their oil and the journalist's death is back to spotlight again...not sure if these guys are after justice or they sadly made a political tool out of the poor journalist
The guy's killed and dismembered in Turkey, so outside of the consulate, Turkey has some general info. But inside that sovereign house, it's all Saudis, who also were the ones who killed and dismembered that man... so to shrug your shoulders, put up your hands, saying,

"We don't know what took place in THAT HOUSE... but we've asked Turkey for info and so far we've received nothing" is just utter bullshit. Again, a consulate is a sovereign property belonging to the nation who occupies it, even if that house is in another country. No host country could just waltz in & out of a foreign embassy or consulate without strict permission.

Someone who knows every detail is that guy who was high-fiving Comrade Col. Putin down in Argentina, smiling with the biggest of smiles... Nothing that is done for Saudi Arabia, inside and outside of it, goes without the knowledge and blessing of that happy, high-fiving guy.
alex kan
What the Fuchs.., is he talking about!! Turks waiting for them to admit where the body is, there is a well at the Saudi ambassadors home since October they let home to be searched but they didn’t allow since O to et despite Turks ask permission to look into we’ll they were not allowed?! And this hypocrite is says we are waiting Turks to give us evidence 😂😂they did and guess what they gave a voice recording of MBS saying good job to those butchers so far Turks aren’t giving this evidence waiting for the last drop!!!
Eric Sanford
Wow!!! These guys can’t tell the truth!!! Wow!!!! Inbreeding????
Gonzo Tigerfish
No worries Saud. We are all glad to help you investigate. That is what friends are for,we help each other.
Yassine St
If Saudi Arabia says they have captured the Killers then they know Where he is. Don't you think?
Make America Native Again
Professional liar, almost as evil as the Zionist criminal liars
Arian Tugade
the prime minister is the true killer of Jamal his name is Adel.
Azad Afghanistan
the family of shaitan the british empire installed saudi family protected by the british empire created pakistan
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New Saudi envoy to UAE was privy to Khashoggi 🇸🇦 Adel al-Jubeir: 'We'll 1 day ago   04:07

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Saudi Arabia on Sunday appointed former media chief Turki Aldakhil as its ambassador to the UAE just days after it was revealed that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman told him he would “use a bullet” on slain journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

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