Files Go by Google: Free up space Google interns' first week 8 months ago   01:05

Files Go is a new storage manager that helps you free up space on your phone, find files faster, and share them easily offline with others. #filesgo
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a Winter's Tale
Can I use Files Go to move my pictures and videos on my Google Pixel XL, to a flash drive plugged into my cell phone? I need more space; I'm right at the 32gb limit.
Unknown Man 18
Me: Google you're lucky
Google: how?
Me: you can advertise on YouTube for free.
How to clean up your phone
Step one
*Uninstall Files Go*
Oh Yeah Yeah I slap ur Momma
My phone has allot of storage so i can't download
Fomperosa Hotsun Bv
2019 ?
Weeeeey ocupo espacio para descargarloooooo jajjajajajjajajaj
Mortal Gaming9
It is not cleaning any thing just showing error no files deleted
vijay shankar tiwary
very,very thanks google,vijay shankar tiwary.
teach 4 all people
Riski Rosianto
This app support for old android likes Gingerbread,Ice Cream Sandwich,Jellybean?
Anil Rajak
Lock device mi ko kese open kre help
Baby A
Now it's just called Files.
itsmesreehari K
updates by google on inbuild app.then no space left
Les re recomindo esta aplicacion
Harshithraj Poojary
We are looking for the AI feature to delete only images which has text in it for example goodmorning, good night etc.
I repeat, Only images with text not other images!
There should be some tags which helps to get rid of such messages.
sonic gamer 2000500
what happens if you delete something by accident?
Laura Hoffmann
Hola! Qué tal? Cuándo estará la versión disponible para IOS?
Musharaf Ali
Hi Google your files go app is not available in KitKat version solve this issue please
Rishad D'souza
All the top comments here are literally the same lame joke rehashed over and over.
Anyway, another brilliant app by Google
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Google interns' first week Files Go by Google: Free up space 8 months ago   05:51

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