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Employees of India's ailing Jet Airways have taken to the streets of Mumbai, calling for a state lifeline. The airline first defaulted on one-and-a-half billion dollars in debt back in December. A meeting today could decide the fate of India's oldest private airline. The air carrier will consult its lenders on a funding plan worth 145 million dollars. But with the vast majority of its fleet grounded and all international flights canceled, is it too late to save the airline?

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Ronald Biver
MOST of Indian elite business people are corrupt and that included management Jet Airways, look how many millionaires India have, some are blatantly corrupt, some even admitted.
Rhoda Reporter
Yousuf Sheikh
Since 25 Year's I am working in Saudi Oil Company as a Engineer before I use to travel in Saudi Airlines. Since Jet airways started service I become one of the regular passenger of Jet airways. 
Specially every year two EID Holidays i use to book Jet airways Ticket in Advance thru online. 
Same thing I did this year also I purchased Jet airways Ticket thru online on 2 February 2019 for travelling EID Holidays 28 May Dammam to Trivandrum. Back 09 June 2019 Trivandrum to Dammam.
Unfortunately I received a mail from Jet airways Flight has been cancelled. So Jet airways wants me to cancel my Tickets and go for refund. 
Today I applied for cancellation of my Tickets Still Not Paid Money
CNET Entertainment
of course we can understand that you guys all have a family,but its your mistake that you guys opted for a job on a shrinking ship,because Jet Airways was in crisis for a long period. And what can Prime Minister do for your pending dues ask your management yaaar!!!
Farukh Ahmed
Modi is so bad!
Shekhar Gupta
#JetAirways से बेरोजगार हुए 20 हज़ार कर्मचारी अपने नाम के आगे चौकीदार लगा लें।
mohammad samee
Sab airlines bekar h india k siwaye jet airways
harish jaiswal
At one side govt is saying that they are creating job opportunity and at other side people are lossing their job from a renowned prestigious company .
cool lex
I will take over jet airway of india.224 305 2287
mark carl
Mukesh ambani should take up jet airways.
sanjay chaudhari
2009 Modi ji Gujarat cm tab Jet Airways Surat to Delhi Flight Requst ki thi triyal run karo Jet Airways kya kaha tha aisi Faltu CM ki bajse hamre Airlines nahi chalti aaj Modi Faltu log help kare Reamber 2009 modi Request Humble Naresh Goyal EGO supported Congres Tell Congre party rich help you
If Manmohan Singh was in place of Modi this wudnt have happened .
daian Marngar
Save jet airways
IISportEx II
Sirf makkari krte hain ye managers they need a great entrepreneur like Vijay shekhar sharma
Sairam Raman
To Few Liberals who have commented against Modi for Jet Airways Failure

So Liberals and few anti social elements want Modi to give 8000crs from people money. If he gives you would mourn that people money is wasted. Stay straight head. When grudge grows up to head you would not know the difference between your wife and the neighbours wife
Deepa Prima
this all modi plan to air fource is coming soon from ambani airlines
Farhana shaikh
Why save just 20000 jobs by spending billions of dollars. those who fail must be allowed to fail in free market economy.
sankalp bhatnagar
Media all over including India are trying to project modi govt responsible for jet airways crisis. This is just ridiculous. They have got a new issue during elections and are somehow trying to link it wid the govt just to influence the elections.
Gujarat is not a province. It is a state.
Praveen Wazza
bhakths will fly from statue of Unity
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Jet Airways' last flight, will India election 2019: Could 1 day ago   02:05

भारत की जानी-मानी हवाई सेवा जेट एयरवेज़ के किसी विमान ने बुधवार रात को अंतिम बार उड़ान भरी. भारी कर्ज़ में डूबे जेट एयरवेज़ के प्रबंधकों ने जेट की सेवा को अस्थायी रूप से निलंबित करने का फ़ैसला लिया है. इसके बाद जेट की आख़िरी फ़्लाइट थी 9W 3502, जो रात 10.20 बजे दो घंटे के अंतिम सफ़र पर अमृतसर से मुंबई के लिए निकली. विमान में यात्रा कर रहे बहुत से लोगों को इसका अंदाज़ा नहीं था कि यह जेट एयरवेज़ की अंतिम फ़्लाइट थी. कुछ यात्रियों ने बीबीसी से कहा कि उन्हें इस बात का दुख है कि यह जेट की अंतिम फ़्लाइट है.
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