A Smart Watch That Vapes? True Game Changer! COOLEST 2 days ago   10:49

RiP Trippers
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It is just a watch, not a smart watch, besides being a vape
Molly Avila
can you put 50 nic juice in these?
Andrew West
Thanks for making it easier for my students to get addicted to nicotine and getting high.  How about using your brilliant minds for something that will help society and not make us dumber.
Muntather K
Me in high school be like a ninja with this vape
ralf schnabel
Wow! never saw, that your teeth look so showy artificial. Must be plastik, I bet on that, right? And by the way, is there any critical, like, real reviewing Video out there, that is of your source? You can't really review a watch'alike without laughing hard, unless you get paid, right?
Nicolas Spinale
Can I get a link to this product
Gabbz Abbz
How arnt you dead yet from how much you vape
Brandon Johnson
How does everyone feel about the flavor ban in Michigan?? I’m waiting for all the youtubers to start making videos about it.
Fatze B.
What a bullshit. I like ur Vids RIP, but what a bullshit. How many lung hits like in the video do u will take, before the battery is weak?
Maybe some people will like this "gadget" but I think this is not needed. Only newcomer vapers will buy this. Sorry, but thats my opinion.
BeastMaster 64
This is the shit killing the industry
zanzabar Koblensky
disclaimer this video is intended to be age restricted but i am a sellout.
Edward Babkin
The dude at my local vape shop said these are good for school 🤣🤣
Abdelaziz Tareq
We are near from Samsung Galaxy Vape
nick hanley
Rachel Weiner
Wait till you see the Acacia Q-watch. That thing looks SLEEK.
Gabby Cattell
love it 🤣🤣🤣
But they are so expensive and it's not even on Amazon i cant find it on Amazon i found it on the wish app for $44 and you still have to buy the juice
joshua Springer
They need to take this off the market I fuck with you rip but I wouldn't have reviewed this product with all the kids vaping and shit there gonna be the reason we loose vaping
Espen Haug
As a guy who dont like to carry my phone with me everywhere i go (dont want that radiation on my nuts), i think this was a pretty cool thing (so i know what time it is). My pod does not sit very loose, and is actually a LITTLE difficult to get out... Taking slow MTL hits helps to get a decent hit - and with high nicotine levels and a good NET tobacco flavor, it is perhaps the most authentic tobacco flavor i have tried... Being a DIY guy, im gonna increase the concentration of flavorings, and then this should get even better. I almost want to get another one, so i have one ready when i need to recharge.
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True Game Changer! COOLEST A Smart Watch That Vapes? 2 days ago   10:58

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For More Information On What Was Shown In This Video
Visit: http://bit.ly/2pgClyu

My Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/riptrippers

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