A Smart Watch That Vapes? Pressing 30 Grams of OG Ice buds into 2 days ago   10:49

RiP Trippers
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Augustine Elmquist
Some individuals may take advantage to smuggled this watchpod to the countries where vaping is already being banned.
Nikita S
I likey likey
chrissy toews
Gayyyyyy shame on you
Tagic Mrooper
There are reasobable people like Bogan and brainlets like this one, including his whole comment section who are encouraging this retardation which keeps ruining vape society and attarcting more bad attention, bans, ect. It's not like we don't have enough of that shit already. Smh.
Woah! New teeth!
K Gamble
Can it do a 12hr display or only military?
Ron Neria
I thought he said “the love of your juice” lol
Andrew Murarescu
Today is the last day to save .10 cents per mL. vapor tax. Call Governor DeWine office ask him to veto the tax. (614) 644-4357 ohio needs your help call and leave him a message
Alpha Gaming
RIP the JUUL for highschool students
Will Perry
Just plain Dumb
Kapitan DolzuTV
been a long time since I watched your video dude. You've gotten thin? or is it the beard? hahaha gread vid as always!
Mattjayye Hidalgo
Looks like an Apple Watch band
alex b
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Amy li
I very worried about the battery
Justin Parsons
Used to watch this channel a few years back, was actually entertaining and more importantly educational. I don't even know wtf this is now!? Unsubscribed now, this is garbage
Kenny Venegas
Not even gonna watch the video because you're just going to claim that it's absolutely amazing just like you always do. Because that's what you're paid to do. Piece of shit
Wait wait, does this take salt nic or free base? His blueberry custard is only in freebase
Do you shave your hands??
Is a stealthy vape camouflaged as a smart watch what people need with all this shit going on with the FDA? The last thing we need is another gadget that will only fuel the "markets to teens" argument.
Chris Collins
It would be cool if it charged in the case
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Pressing 30 Grams of OG Ice buds into A Smart Watch That Vapes? 2 days ago   12:18

we pressed about an ounce and got back 4.32 grams of ice OG rosin. normally we get a better return but considering this was the smaller buds I would say The yield is phenomenal!

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