The Winter War: A Soviet Failure Simo Häyhä 'The White 2 days ago   06:54

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In the midst of WWII, Stalin decided to invade the small nation of Finland. It did not go the way he wanted it to. This is the story of the quagmire of 1939 that often isn't talked about between the Fins and the Russians.

Russian Slapstick by Hakan Erikson
Dramatic Orchestral Strings by Gavin Luke
Winds of Winter by Yi Natiro

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Oscar Wind
Soyuz nerushimy respublik svobodnykh
Splotila naveki velikaya Rus! The fins will kill all of us the Natizs will invade us Toooo!
A bunch off guys dead for nothing
Awful military planning and bad ideas!
wait what?
The 80's Wolf
Finland surrendered. Deal with it.
PotatoKD News
Sad because Finland still doesn't have its territory back.
The Sentinel
Finland didn't "surrender". It was an armistice... Not the same thing. It was viewed worldwide as a "victory" for Finland.

Now, in WWII the finns actually joined the Nazis and there, in the "Continuation War", suffered a total defeat.
Nowy Creeper220 Moncrafter2012
Soldier: Hey you gotta See this snow speaks finnis- *gets shot*
jukkuluu tuuletin
Who would win
Many hundred thousands of soviet soldiers or couple of farmers on skiis with suomikonepistoolis screaming perkele
Greg Nolen
Czechoslovakia: my allies will protect me drom the na-
Hitler: hippity hoppity you are now my property
SmithN' Wesson
The Soviets were largely incompetent
Smile Face
Invade Finland, take their land, for Lenin!
Invade Finland, take their land, for Lenin!
Oh no we just lost 400 thousand men!
Two people on skis please help!
Канал Nilba
I think that Karelia was a very important position to defend Leningrad, but i think Finns and Soviets should make some conversation about that.
Deadly Army in Russia: 13392 tanks, 1000000 soldiers, and 60 bombers
Deadly army in Finland: 3 machine gunners, 2 snipers, and 1 artillery cannon
Seriaz Sound
can really no one pronounce 'guerrilla' ? Its not gorilla! It's spanish. GUE-RRILLA!
Jared Andreae
And the Soviet’s continued their legacy of losing to farmers by getting destroyed in Afghanistan up until the day the union fell
0-0 Hertz
Me as a American:*rubs hands*
Who’s talking about Vietnam now?
Vesa Rintamäki
Hahaaa sorry sovjet and sweden....big dissapointment. I bet Russia Sovjet lie about their number of dead.
Travis Drake
At 1:30 was that a cat I heard?
Germany and Russia invaded Poland.
Jamie Schultz
One thing that you forgot to mention is that the Winter War is the chief reason the Russians won against Germany. It had two main results. It was a key factor in convincing Hitler that he could win against Russia, and it also convinced Russia to invest in, and redesign, its military and infrastructure. While the Russians had not completed the redesign of their military doctrine, they were sufficiently along to prevent total ruin.
Mike the clod
Wow geez man pretty cool it would be awesome if some Slav nation like Poland or something held their own AND won the war, but that’s just a thought geez man I’m just a silly commentet
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Simo Häyhä 'The White The Winter War: A Soviet Failure 2 days ago   04:44

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