AC MOTORS Electrical Tricks of Biba Struja 2 days ago   12:50

AC motors are some of the best motors out there, used in electric cars, drones, etc... I LOVE'EM!
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar
#ACMOTOR #Induction #PermanentMagnet

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Singh ਸਿੰਘ
Bastrd man no working idea takng othar side
Harsha Patel
You are definitely a genius
Pratik Chalke
10:08 Seems like an AC Stepper Motor😂😂
Co Fa
"that sums it up" xDD Over oversimplified ^^
9:03 You can see the plain AC is turning the rotor a little, and it's more than 10:14.
Levi Diniz
Hamza Vlogs and gaming
this video is 100% edited by KineMaster
U needed 4 coils not 3 three would be on-off-on need one more so it can go on off on off you have two pulling same direction
Masid Kane
Searl generator?
Robert Llinares
Crazy dangerous
Santosh ku. Majhi
Sheuli Parial
You can’t do that with copper with whatever pattern or design. You need an iron cage which is properly designed.
I know you put the paper there to isolate the fields from being shorted to the frame but aren’t you still shorted to the frame through the screws you wrapped the fields around?
atul sain
Your copper rotor was too thick. You had to use rotor with higher resistance in starting to get higher torque.
*Higher starting torque.
alvian rindengan
The craziest man on earth 😂😂😂
Anonymous Anonymous
my god you're one hairy bastard
Thanos is GaY Lul
0:10 watch in 0.25 speed xd
ted brown
Can you produce a video where you talk about rotating the shaft to produce 240 volts electricity.
Soren Kuula
Don't be such a chicken, just plug it into a 3 phase outlet. Oh wait, you could even use s 3 phase transformer, or 3 single phase transformers in between. Or modify the ESC, if you are into that sort of thing,
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Electrical Tricks of Biba Struja AC MOTORS 2 days ago   07:18

Can a human not only be immune to electricity but also be a power generator? Tricks, all tricks I say! Story of Biba Struja, AKA Slavisa Pajkic.

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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

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