AC MOTORS How to Wiretap Phone Line with 2 days ago   12:50

AC motors are some of the best motors out there, used in electric cars, drones, etc... I LOVE'EM!
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar
#ACMOTOR #Induction #PermanentMagnet

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8:45 They slant them at an angle to reduce torque ripples. My lecture said “The slants are to reduce torque ripples, I’m not even going to get into it, if you take EEE367 next year we’ll cover it in more detail” I’m definitely not taking EEE367 next year, so I guess I’ll never know
Tbomber ANFL
6:49 lyrics pls
12 seconds. New record.
Marc Cheline
But where is the BC and CC motors?

By the way this is a troll... I know alternating current and direct current are the main two...
King Khan
All of these sounds is him dieing in the inside 6:48
Elizabeth McGehee
Impotence lol
Robert Pucovsky
This video helped me on my recent test! Thank you so much
Peter Trast
4:09 lip smack
Legit burst in to laughter @12:49 XD
Tayo Rulo
1 nut wonder
I thought he made iron man heart
Tawny Owl
7:14 *HARDER* gachiHYPER
allan chua
i know the wires will spark, but it still made me fuckin jump, shit man, you always made me laugh
"A strong 3-phase generator" Which shouldn't be too difficult considering ESCs are just that, only in steroids. Just use the same circuit as an ESC (3-phase H bridge) and drive it with a signal generator.
phone master
Have a comment on this plss
Amir Pomen
i wonder how u keep being zapped by ac electric repeatedly in all of your video
and still alive
Brendan plays
lol the propeler ;)
Kasemchat Otan
He strikes again.
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How to Wiretap Phone Line with AC MOTORS 2 days ago   10:03

Had to reupload! see comments. I like to record my phone calls directly on camera… for research purposes… so I designed some circuit to wiretap the land line directly to my camera audio input.

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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

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