Catalan Separatists' trial: How they 🇪🇸 What's the future for Catalonia's 2 days ago   01:26

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Spain faces the biggest and most decisive trial in four decades on Tuesday when 12 Catalan separatist leaders go to court. …

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GoW barcelona
Freedom 4 Catalonia freedom 4 the political prisoners the activist nd civilians we only wanted to vote Jesus f***ing Christ! Freedom 4 Catalonia!!!! Indipendence is the only way forward
Ciampoli Eric
In spain political parties decide which juges are chosen. Marchena (the juge that chairs this trial) was chosen by PP and as a juge he defended PP's interests (lately he stoped charges against Pablo Casado, the PP leader, for having been granted a fake master degree in the Rey Juan Carlos University, a university that granted master degree to members of the PP - aside from Casado, everyone has been prosecuted, the president of Madrid Comunity had to resign ; he also stoped charges against Fernandez Diaz, minister of justice that was taped making off fake cases against independentist leaders - if you want to check the sentence taped was "luego la fiscalía te lo afina" "Then the court will make things up for you"). But most important the two main anti indepedentist parties (PP and PSOE) had to find an agreement about how to compouse the new Superior Court : the agreement was Marchena as a PP chair and then a PSOE majority for the board. Immediatly PP congressmen rejoyced sending whatsapp to each other stating that then they will lead the superior court backard. They will be juge by PP, I can telle you how it ends up.
geoffrey collins
they have less human rights than terrorists.. the eu is making an example of them...
CantStop Truth
Why do they want to separate? Maybe you should treat them better.
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🇪🇸 What's the future for Catalonia's Catalan Separatists' trial: How they 2 days ago   24:56

When Catalonia pushed for independence from Spain in 2017, government leaders in Madrid did everything they could to stop it.
They declared the secession referendum illegal, and police blocked polling stations.
12 Catalan leaders who organised the vote have gone on trial in Madrid, in what their supporters are calling a 'show trial'.
Spain's Former Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy is among 500 witnesses expected to testify live on TV over the next three months.
The leaders face up to 25 years in jail if convicted of rebellion, sedition, and misusing public funds.
Will divisions in Spain be widened?

Presenter: Elizabeth Puranam

Kristian Herbolzheimer - Director, International Catalan Institute for Peace
Victor Sole - International Officer, Nationalist Youth of Catalonia
Gabriel Garroum - Researcher on Catalan nationalism, King's College London

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