Renewable Energy is a Scam Who Owns The World? 2 days ago   20:03

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Janice Robinson
Your researching prowess is so through and your ability to completely hash out a topic is simply wonderful to me. I like that you don't stand with any of the main political groups that have built the world that we have at this point. So far I have not noticed you actively plugging anyone for personal gain. If only we all had a little bit of your communication skills, I think the world would be a better place. Thank you for doing your part in informing a willfully ignorant humanity.
New Clear Power.
Renewable energy is actually not sustainable.
Joseph Figliuolo
Oil shill?
Slade Rheaume
Climate change is a complete hoax, no scientist with integrity will agree with the mainstream narrative that anthropological warming is a threat to our planet. The main problem is that academia has become so indoctrinated by political bias, that if a reputable climatologist rejects global warming (many have) then he or she risks their career in a very real sense. Because the government allocates research grants to schools based on political preferences, the schools must employee scientists whom conduct politically biased research. Such is the case so that nearly all of the climate "deniers" are established scientists with tenure or retirees, because those currently employed are, understandably, worried about political repercussions from asserting truthfulness in this discussion.
Nisse Von Gåslefver
Climate change is at least partilly scam, climat has always gone thrue changes
Dimitri M
Today >95% of solar panels in the market are silicon ones, and they are cadmium-free.
So glad there is nothing toxic about nuclear waste.
You should definitely consider recording an audio book, your accent wold make it really enjoyable
marie demastes
@10 min mark, you are not considering the balance of there being very much fewer nuclear reactors , have you seen what this radiation does to people, I have.
you are a man of culture i see
Newly installed solar cells will be 1/3 or more efficiency than now very soon:
Edward George
Keep your hands still!!!!!
Dragos Constantin
You are a bolsevic scam
pratyush agrawal
what the f**k is he talking about.. Is he stupid or what..?
Owen H.
There are some salty boiz in the comments...
R Mel
Climate change is the grand solar minimum
Stace Baker
We have issues with birds nesting on our turbines and blocking the anemometers lol.
Andy Mayer
I like the message, I'm glad you are taking about the potential of nuclear. I think the title of the video could be improved though.
Marius V
The only thing you need to stabilize climate is to reduce deforestation
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Who Owns The World? Renewable Energy is a Scam 2 days ago   13:20

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