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r/AskReddit I gave my niece a laptop on her birthday and she screamed at me because it wasn't brand new. What's the most ungrateful thing you see someone do?

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Depressed Inc.
Then i bought pizza for the 200 bucks i stole
Hold up
That one weird cat with glasses
*100 reasons I'm not having kids.*

52 - 9:44
Subscribe or I’ll eat your cookies
Wow fuck them
Just Michael123
7:16 I would have punctured the tire I just changed the ungreatful bitch
Julio Amaya
1st is fake a REAL cop would say
1 do you have security cameras
2 if yes they would ask can i see them
But he/she didn't say that
So its faked
James Miller
Most of these stories are about women
3 yrs old car at 16 is amazing
Khairin 07
Imagine giving someone a gift that you worked super hard for but ended up being thrown on the wall.
I would probably never even thought of giving them anything if i knew thats how they would react.
I dont like to have my friends over because my mom;always tells me i didnt even clean(after they left). And recently she said i was ungrateful when i told her i dont like my friends over
Like are you serious how am i ungrateful like what? :/
Kids need to be so damn grateful when they get a car. I honestly don’t give a crap if I get a shitty car cuz I’ll at least own one and can drive
emis dkm
4:55 that one got me hahah i thought he rly stole it lmao
I hate ungrateful things
Tomo Key Cookie
I remember getting a game I had played before, Grand Theft Auto 4: Ballad of Gay Tony. But, I'd played it to death and actually managed a 100% completion before, so, starting the game again wasn't something I was too keen on doing. My late cousin wasn't aware I had the game before, but I knew she only had so much, and I showed as much appreciation as I could. Even now I wouldn't dare to deny a gift.
what's up with ppl getting "old" used things?
i got a 16 year old piano, it looks old yeah but it works fine soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo??????
Soreina Summers
In the risky Defence of some of these people, I guess I can understand being upset if you didn’t get something new? I mean as a gift, the first initial thought is to be clean and brand new. In some situations, I feel like you can be in the right for being a little peeved if somebody has put little to no effort into giving you a gift. Especially if you explained/hinted at them, and the person gives a gift that is way off from what you wanted.

But come on, at least be grateful that these people took their effort and time to get you something! Some of these people tried their damn best to get you something to ad closest to what you wanted, but there might certain things that held them back, like maybe not being able to afford to buy it. But Those people have the heart and soul to still get you something, because ending up with no gifts is saddening.

In general, I guess you can also say it’s the thought that counts?
Death Reaper
Toshiba everything sucks like completely
Bethel _
My mom and I are in two different continents and she always sends me money for my bday, and I'm so grateful for that. She doesn't have a lot but she still manages to do that every year 🙂 I love her.
The Dank Memer
The first one with the laptop, it was 7 years ago... old laptops and 2012 laptops didn't really have a huge difference
"I don't give a duck" shrug. Lol, gotta love Text-to-Voice
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