What Are British Troops Doing SCARY! British Military - How Powerful 2 days ago   03:02

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British soldiers from 3 RIFLES are among those training the Ukrainian forces in their battle against Russian-backed separatists. It comes as tensions between Ukraine and Russia increase over the recent incident in the Kerch Strait, resulting in Russia seizing three Ukrainian naval ships.

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What are Russians solders doing in Ukraine??
Its like people don't understand why Ukraine fights and why they want help. people don't understand what its like to actually have to fight to keep your home. Anyone who says they should let Russia do what it wants is either a fool or Russian
Randi Behrends
Sweet. Thanks for this. :)
Great job on the europesn countries
Jeeping Cherocar
Simple answer.

Giving my people the tools to kill nazi invaders
Brittain helping fascist's...
Where is that rifles Sgt. from?! Sounds French with a hint of head injury
No full auto in buildings
Stephen King
Ukraine needs a real president who will work for Ukrainian independence and kick USA and the Brits out and restore natural relationships with Russia, This is the path to peace and prosperity for the region, for Ukraine and the world. Political madness in USA funded by USA oligarchs and hollow democrats is preventing a commonsense approach being implemented by Trump.
Putin knows exactly what Nato wants. They want Russia to make a move. But putin is above that level lol.
Jean-Luc Martel
What are they doing? Helping a fascist puppet regime stay in power. Just got to Tyranny unmasked if you want the truth.
Doesnt supporting Donbass but supporting Kosovo? Russia is a dictatorship but Ukraine isnt? Oh, come on...
Tian Hao Wang
When you make friends with Ukraine, you made Russia your enemy.
Nikola Srećković
What are british doing in ucrain?
Short answer :

Getting killed
Great way to start WW3, back up Neo Nazis in Ukraine fighting middle class men protecting their culture and family. Way to go “Great” Britain
Flabby Wall1
If only you guys knew how bad things really are.
João Miguel Moreira
Why do they build trenches when russian air force and cruise missiles can just bomb them with cruise missiles from above and then kill the rest of them with its 30000 tanks!
Finaly someone is showing some sort of presence in Ukraine they need support
Vasyl Myhal
I can't believe it's so many Russian trolls over here!!!
Ukraine needs to be sovereign its a shame that one side is pro EU and the other is pro Russia :/
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SCARY! British Military - How Powerful What Are British Troops Doing 2 days ago   04:45

SCARY! British Military - How Powerful is United Kingdom Army 2019. SCARY! British Military - How Powerful is United Kingdom Army 2019

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