Think big: Cars "made How weird Kantanka did this car 🚗😳 2 days ago   02:57

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Ghanaian inventor Apostle Kwadwo Safo has opened up a factory which produces SUVs and pickups "made in Ghana." Customers include, among others, the police. Ghana is seeking to promote products made locally.

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Bright Ahuofe
Wow powerful car by Kantaka
yeboah bartholomew
If they assembling or manufacturing Ghana made a car
Bernie Caballero
Looks like an isuzu pickup
Franck Yan
Dudes, you realise this is the only one handmade car in the world! This is history! By the time Jesus comes back, the Ghanaian government will take him to court because by then, riding a donkey will be considered an infringement of animal rights ☝️👈🤣. Peter, kiss him three times let's go, begin the Second crucifixion oh boy we got cars to build when will you learn Jesus?✋😔👌Africa is making cars with parts from China 🇨🇳 where the Chinese themselves don't even trust but you know what? Welcome to progress!
Best 37
I look forward not to buy cars out of AFRICA again well done Ghana
Mohamad Razak
Isuzu demax
Hand built car company, dayyyum...RESPECT!!! 👍
J k
You see you always speaking strange Ghanaian language we couldn't understand but now ad they speak English....We understand everything clearly...We make cars.....We don't do cars
Randy paul
codo's to the Africans. u got to start somewhere--hope it can lead to something much greater and bigger
Praise be to Africa! The land of the beginning of Intelligence. Africans were in university while the White Species were in CAVES.
Not only is Africa waking up, Africa is RISING up!
Joseph Sarfo
It was hard to believe at first so I went to visit the plant in Ghana. There was not one single Chinese or foreigner in the premises. From scratch to finish is made by Ghanaian locals. Next time I will text drive
Abdul Wadud & Samiu
Allah bless Ghana 🇬🇭Allah bless KANATANKA
Patriotic Warrior
We wuz engineer
proud African loyal to Africa
Ghana to the world
Why dont the learn the make there own parts and casting a engine .its free on youtube
Yan Marle
Assembling foreign-manufactured vehicles is very *VALUABLE WORK.* As long as it results in same or lower sale price compared to an assembled import, with same tax treatment.
Seven Wakenge
The multinationals will never allow this
Tuhafeni H
This is good for Africa. I’m happy and I’m encouraged to do more for Africa
Proud2be White
Oh big deal. They get the parts shipped to them and then they put them together. Just like how a 10 year old can do with a model car but on a larger scale. If they want to impress anyone have them design the cars, build all the parts from local suppliers and make them as well built as the Japanese or Korean cars and then you will have something to brag about.
Junior Diamond
Haha Chinese car. Knock off vehicle from China. No wonder they got arrays of models in a short time.
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How weird Kantanka did this car 🚗😳 Think big: Cars "made 2 days ago   05:10

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