HOMEMADE Boat Car!! (Amphibious Home made jetski using 2 days ago   13:00

I made a Jon Boat into a Mini Amphibious Car!
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3195 Dayton xenia RD STE 900
Beavercreek OH 45434

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Change the gearing for the prop..... say over gear it .. would give you more thrust
APC from gta.

Just a little less bullet proof
Nice if it was 4x4
Link to your laser cutter?
Tim Keown
How much for it
Andy Baughn
1 like 1 vote to stop plushie abuse
Vivilayne Barros Marques
You could have put on a chain holder/prot so its doesnt get pulled out
Cooper Buch
You need to change the gear ratio on the prop. The prop should be spinning much faster. I’ve seen Jon boats with the same 212cc 7hp motor go 15mph
MyCool Beernuts
NARCO SUB! The Next Bulid!!! Pleaseeeeeee! I'll Put 10 thouands dollars in your pocket for a little Sub Run! Wink wink!
lang thang tv
Boogie Morlaes
You will pin point this if you like you fans
Why wouldnt you recess the prop into the haul? And did you not even close in the wheel wells
1:54 galvanic corrosion is in your future (aluminum in contact with steel)
Ken Fosdick
Use cables to hook your steering wheel to the trolling motor so you can steer it from the wheel. Great job!
How much would you be willing to sell this for when your done using it for content?
obadiah normal
"Your Dog is so nasty"......"Get him boy, seize him!!!!"
Mo Bettuh
Have to say, as much fun and as cool as this project looks the best part is the dogs! They woofers just instantly recognize a toy when they see it! The dogs were having the very best fun, I just loved that! :) But I also want to build one of these ... just as soon as I get a lake ...
Junior O
Lets hit some wavez bruh 🤘🏼
Daniel Vejby
yes please more of this
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Home made jetski using HOMEMADE Boat Car!! (Amphibious 2 days ago   02:27

This video is about a home made bike boat. This amazing bike is so popular.. Its use as a speed boat.Its also a floting bike. water motorbike.

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