DANCING GOO Cornstarch and water Easy BLAST BOX BALLOON EXPLOSION Pop Challenge! 1 day ago   04:48

Ryan ToysReview
Ryan from Ryan ToysReview will show you this very fun and easy science experiment for kids to try at home. All you need is two simple household ingredients! (Cornstarch and water). Together they make an awesome dancing goo if you put in on your speaker! We don't have one so we bought the Wonderology Science Wacky Fluid Experiment kit! It's great to teach kids about Non-Newtonian fluids. Substances that can behave like a solid or a liquid depending on the condition it's under (example stress)

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BLAST BOX BALLOON EXPLOSION Pop Challenge! DANCING GOO Cornstarch and water Easy 1 day ago   13:29

BLAST BOX BALLOON EXPLOSION Pop Challenge with Ryan ToysReview! For Family Game Night, it's parent vs kid to see who pop the balloons will lose! Winner gets huge egg surprise toys! Such a family fun board game for children to play! Great Kids Video for children who loves playing with kids toys and game!

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