viral Corpus Christi shooting Video shows Downtown Austin 1 day ago   06:16

Donut Operator
An incident has been flying all over the internet today and I just wanted to tell you guys why police sometime do what they do.


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Donut Operator
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Gabriel Fraser
Some interesting scenarios you outlined, Donut, but you haven't addressed the elephant in the room - the cop could have simply pepper sprayed his left foot, that should have dealt with the threat.
Brandon Mccoy
Just a comment on our justice system in regards to police, I understand that the majority of police shootings are justified but I feel like they get far more room for error than a regular civilian does, regardless of race. DA's are far less likely to bring charges to court and even when brought to court jury's rarely find them guilty even if there is overwhelming evidence to say otherwise. Furthermore, when convicted judge's seem to be far more lenient to police. This is just what I have seen from the outside looking in and to clarify I am very much pro cop, but the system seems very flawed and isn't talked about very much.
play stupid games, win stupid prizes
Riley Nash
That cop looks slow too...
Undisputed Blackjack
It looks like the deranged guy wanted the police officer to shoot him! He got what he wanted, stupid idiot. It’s highly possible he was a deranged liberal and showed up at every liberal protests!!
* Munchies *
I'm going to assume the cop said the phrase "drop that pipe" 20 times. I guess he probably should have dropped it.
6 6
Doesn't matter what it is. If you swing something at me I'm empying the chamber then reloading while determining if the threat still exists. Tasers are just getting cops killed and causing criminals to survive and continue to victimize others. They should be outlawed.
Jeffery Ward
Popeye's is sold out of chicken sandwiches, got to go to Chic-fil-a for one of them
nope nope
I gotta say, that was one of the slowest and most uncoordinated individuals I've ever seen. If you are so unconfident in your physical abilities to disarm and subdue him, maybe being a law enforcement officer isn't for you. Just my take.
David M
You forgot to mention the Force Science Studies that would pertain to this video.
Stephen Clark
Most women's tasers that they keep in their purse are stronger than a police taser I know from experience well the woman's purse they not that I ever f***** with a woman but I've taken one and tased myself and been tased at parties and cop tasers aren't s*** maybe the older ones but the ones nowadays they don't do a f****** thing except piss me off
Griffon Keep
The officer was DEFINITELY wrong! He didn't dump the mag! What an amateur...
Dan Erickson
I'd take I'll get u bitch dude serious. If I was her.
Jesse Sisolack
I think the best course of action for the officer would be to stay out of striking distance and issue commands. Hold the suspect there until back-up arrives. If the suspect becomes a deadly threat to the officer or bystanders, blast him. That is all assuming that before the actually shooting the greater context does not reveal more information.
Bass Flats & Beyond
the officer should have stopped firing when the suspect dropped the pipe. Also the officer could have maintained a safe distance from the suspect until backup arrived or the situation escalated.
Also, home boy shouldn’t have been swinging pipes at people. Play stupid games get stupid prizes.
allen bold
Just as a pursuit "should"be considered attempted murder by the suspect "IF" you raise a hand to an officer be ready for the consequence !!! just my opinion of course
bLacK LiVeS MAtTEr
icey wavers
Dont try to endanger a cop or anyone and you wont end up dead or hurt...whats so hard, I guarantee if you swing anything at anyone theyre fighting you 🤷🏾‍♂️
Brad T
Thankx Donut.
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Video shows Downtown Austin viral Corpus Christi shooting 1 day ago   02:04

The shocking video emerged after the incident on Sunday morning. | Subscribe to our channel:


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