GLITCH SLIMES! | Slime Rancher I HAVE CREATED LIFE!! | Spore 2 days ago   31:22

The new slime updates in Slime Rancher are SO cute!

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You better like this video or my Dad said he’s gonna kill all the chickens in Slime Rancher!
Jack just so you know the glitch slimes mainly have a straight smile. Well they just don't smile or frown
TheEmeraldNinja •
The Glitch Slimes Have A Ditto Face On Them,Just Small Dot Eyes And Just A Plain Smile
Logan Creed
jack play midnight evil.
is it me or do the glitch slimes look like ditto when transformed into a different slime
calloftheturtle2.0 3300
hey jack here is a tip about the glich slimes look for the ditto looking slimes
John Pugh
new jack throws away what old jack had search three hours and didn't find

everyone in comments smashes keyboard
Kieran Alkyer
Jack! I have noticed that glitch slimes in disguise have a ditto-like expression instead of a smile
the moment he missed the pink Ditto right as he entered xD
Mr Hamburger
Wait till you start recognizing fake objects
NoPulse Games
Jack should get an emulator on his PC and play some of the old Pokemon games (I vote for the GBA releases of Gen 1 or the Gen 3 games)
TCC Apollo
This gives me genuine joy 🤗 thank you jack :D
Angelo Joseph
Where's mah filipino fam at?!
18:26 when you see a ditto but you don't know what a transformed ditto looks like
Coraleen Kershaw
It says video 24 but it's video 22 not hating
nikki Kennedy
Jack go find all the skins
what ever happened to “TOP O DE MORNEN TO YER LADDIES” oh how i miss the old jack
Judith Kearney
"huh i have no rooster in this pen." walk past slime in the pen that eats meat.............. i wonder?
Kamilo Muliaga
i call hacks you can't summon ditto in the slime region that's illegal first of all i wanted to put it out there that when the glitch slimes are like look like normal slimes they kind of look like a pokemon named ditto
I can’t believe he just passes that Quantum Hunter Largo all the time and never realizes it escaped
Edit: I say literally seconds before he notices the Largo in question
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I HAVE CREATED LIFE!! | Spore GLITCH SLIMES! | Slime Rancher 2 days ago   17:56

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