🇩🇪 🇬🇷 Merkel visits 4,500 jobs are to go at Jaguar Land 2 days ago   02:45

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel has visited Greece for the first time since the end of the Greek bailout programme.
Merkel, whose last official visit to Athens in 2014 sparked major protests, was instrumental in mobilising European financial assistance to help the country restructure its debts and stay within the Eurozone.

Al Jazeera's John Psaropoulos reports from Athens.

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Morgan _
They use the word solidarity and pretend as if that means something or makes anything better. It doesn't. Close the borders, and get the migrants out, then you can say the word solidarity to your hearts content.
Merkel is not popular anywhere. I don't know why the Germans keep re-electing her!
Mac Guyver
Hängen soll sie die merkel
mike v
Merkel I am from Thessaloniki Macedonia and I have one question for you. You came to Athens from East or West Germany?
M Salsberg
Tsipras has sold out Greece. Tsipras is a Globalist. Poor Greece. Tsipras should have declared bankruptcy when they had the chance.
* SIMON Says
Merkel and Tsipras are sellout Jew puppets traitors to Germany Greece and Europe
bier beppi
Detlef Kerkau
Merkel is a "Femme Fatale". And Macron, May and Merkel are the "Trio Infernale".
Merkel has the face of a robbers dog.stand unite fight this corrupt,none elected muslimigrant loving eu threat to our nation/identity and pride.blessings to the french nationals.
mango kafa
That restaurant man has a Turkish surname muhaha
Stefan H
Die Rechtsbrecher in in Grün muss vor Gericht und hinter Gitter
I hope the fat, annoying, criminal IM Erika dies a cruel, painful, slow death. As quickly as possible.

I am somewhere else, bye.
Joseph Smith
Angela Merkel has a wired head....the proportions are all wrong!
Heil Merkel
Griechenland fordert immer wieder Geld von Deutschland die Merkel CDU Große Lügnerin verachtet unser Deutschland nur noch
Merkel die Deutschland Vernichterin
Landon Thomas
Greece would be able to sell billions of dollars in government debt bonds if it could show investors that the government will create a state-owned, or partially state-owned, natural gas company. The Netherlands owns 50% of Gasnunie. The Norwegian government owns 67% of Equinor/Statoil, Denmark owns 50.1% of DONG, and Finland owns 50.1% of Neste.

I think the Greek government would be able to land billions of dollars in bond sales and it would be able to reduce income taxes and corporate taxes on people. Greece needs help like no other country in Europe. Greece should start using its natural gas resources to help pay off its debt and also help pay for infrastructure spending.
Robi U.K.
Greek people will never recover everything has an end
GOD want them to be slave
Poor Greece 🇬🇷
Verdadero Mortal
Markel no se si puso flores en memoria a los caidos en la guerra o en lamentacion a la pobre y destruida economía de Grecia por cortesía de la Unión europea
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4,500 jobs are to go at Jaguar Land 🇩🇪 🇬🇷 Merkel visits 2 days ago   17:53

Jaguar Land Rover is to cut 4,500 jobs - most of them in the Midlands - as it looks to save £2.5 billion.

The firm is blaming falling demand in China, the decline in diesel vehicle sales and the uncertainty around Brexit.

Most of the cuts are expected to be in the UK and will be made over the next 18 months.

There has also been some good news for the workforce and the region, as the company announced further investment in the production of electric vehicles.

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