2000 ft-lb Diesel Race My Favorite Rally in America: The Rally 2 days ago   12:17

Hoonigan Daily Transmission
We need a proper, smokey, wild way to break in our new BurnYard at Irwindale Speedway. So when we talked about who to invite - our buddy Scott (@chucklesgarage) was at the top of that list with his 1200 horsepower and 2000 Earth-moving torque machine, Old Smokey F1. Smart? Smart.

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Hoonigan Daily Transmission
We’re back! Who do you want to see return to the yard?
Brent Hass
that 150lb crankshaft just kept wanting to go, straight off that cliff. sure glad I own two 12 valve p pump engines, they are always there for me. nice work there
always thought a dyno read HP off of measuring torque? so you cant read HP without torque.
Taylor Macleod
Happy to see you’re OK man that looked like a rough one
Damn Mater has had an upgrade
Alex Smirnov
Best shot @9:12
4:42 lol
Yeoja Chingu
This truck crashes on the 2018 pikes peak practice right
Daniel Brealey
What are you talking about- a hub dyno would easily measure it's torque and hp. There are 3500hp hub dynos guys. The run up Pro Mods on them here in Australia. #MainlineDyno
Daniel Brealey
Booo- diesel's SUCK... Would have been heaps cooler with a turbo small block or even a turbo big block
Winn Moon
😂😂 that high five was massive!
Wish we could get this in Australia.
that was a good one u have to take it Oz summer nats 2019 if u try u will have heaps of sponsors sure so make it happen! Chicken Boy I'll bring my twin turbo BF BARRA 4.0
Henrique Hernandez
Rip brakes😂😂😂😂
Rocco Toscano
con codeste stupidate siete quelli che incquinate il pianeta
Mr. Bigglesworth
The rick flair woo and hit markers cracked me the fuck up
rex non potest paccare
I had a dream about using a turbo to power a turbo on my 7.3 idi....
Rene Coddens
I would just like to thank Scott for having a proper tune in this thing so it doesn't puke smoke all the time lol
Tyler Bugica
Me: Imma go and do sum burn out's today
Tires's: Am i a joke to you
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My Favorite Rally in America: The Rally 2000 ft-lb Diesel Race 2 days ago   16:16

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