Google Photos -Should You Be Worried Dropbox vs Google Drive 11 months ago   05:33

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Join Jayce as he talks about the real risks behind Google Photos!

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ɪ ɪ ɢ ɢ ᴜ ᴋ
well i dont care about it even if its true or not lol i have pictures and videos of bts only because i dont take pics of myself
Who do I call when I have a problem with the way they are doing things??????am I supposed to go pay a f****** lawyer just so I can contact Google??? What the f*** is wrong with this world
So what you're saying is that Android phones cannot take photos or store photos without Google having access to them? so I'm guessing that means if you do not want Google to have access to your photos you simply cannot take photos at all????
When i think about it. Google has everything. Site. Apps. Youtube. Maps. Soon, who knows if they will make a app like doordash. Its how like in china they got WeChat that is able to know everything about you. Just a thought. What if google all of a sudden decides to make everything that people use and make it easier. Then in the future it will be just like wechat in a way. Because power and wealth. Trying to expand and once it happens you dont realize. That it swallows you whole. Maybe one day the government will side with google and pay them lots of $$$$$ to know everything lol hopefully not. Keeping power over everything. Even if the government isnt apart of anything by that point google has power. But this power shouldn't scare you. This power should empower you.
Google Photos is a piece of shit, it started to save all my photos on their drive without my consent.
mugundh mugundh
I need your help bro, my watsapp app statuses are automatically downloaded and shon in Google photos, and thumb photos are shown in Google photos app, how to stop it, and important think is duplicate photos are shown in my camera folders, it's looks like low quality photos and consume low space in kbps, how to stop this problems
mugundh mugundh
Hello bro
Amazing how many are okay now with sharing their privacy with Google. Can't stand Google photos, or the app. And they make it difficult to get away from also. I'll never be cool with it.
Graham vickers
i use google photos
٧٧٦٥ علي
dude perfect blog
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Muscle Boi
I don't want google to know where I live but damn, google maps comes handy when I have no clue how to get somewhere.

PS: there is no real reason to use google photos.
glory magloir ADE7
Is Google Drive the same as Google Photo?
So can others see my google photos or no , please????
Diana Mccall
They don't need to know about me what do they need to know about me for invade my privacy
Diana Mccall
Every time I put my photos on my phone is supposed to be on my side Card Google's not supposed to be my still in my photos
Diana Mccall
Google keep stealing my photos
Tricia Pierce
Sure appreciate your kindness and your honesty. Im very pleased that you had the courage to tell us all the facts of using google photos. Thank you much Sir. ...❤
Florencia Minnucci
yes, i trust them. im not that interesting
BDillip Rao
Tell me the answer in yes or no is private photos protected or not
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Dropbox vs Google Drive Google Photos -Should You Be Worried 11 months ago   13:29

The ultimate shootout between Dropbox and Google Drive.
Steve takes on the toughest question of all if you only had to choose one which would you choose!
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Both filesharing systems have exceptional value, are easy to use, and have massive user basis. But there are several significant differences. Steve explores those differences and explains what they mean to you.

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