SOMEONE BROKE INTO MY VAN (STORYTIME) Adorable Snake Is So Affectionate With 1 day ago   06:29

Jennelle Eliana
Sup dudes and dudettes,

Here's a quick storytime of when someone broke into my van. Safety is always a topic that surfaces when discussing vanlife.

“Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. The fearful are caught as often as the bold.”
— Helen Keller

hugs and kisses,

Jennelle and Alfredo


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Jennelle Eliana
At least they were polite enough to knock first ;)
Ben Arkell - Passive Income Automation
I hope you have no more break-ins. Sorry, that sucks.
Mags Pelican
hey jenelle, i also have a ball python (and a beardie) and would like to live in a van. However, I have concerns about how hot a car gets during the day. How do you keep your guy from frying in there on a hot day? Do you run a/c when you are not in the car?
RANA 라나 NCTzen
We want video
O P Kalani
your so brave
Danielle -
I just started watching but how does she cook food in her van?
Jasmine O'Grady
I feel like her spirit is what the internet needed. She’s genuine & actually funny. She’s literally just living her life. I stannnnnn
Dee S.
My only question is where’s the bathroom?
T Br
Baby girl please be careful im afraid for your safety
Who the fuck is this?
Brittany Love
Please carry and a gun and lock your doors. Stay safe
Brittany Olson
Mostly thumbs up because of those earrings
sophia lloyd
What tipe of snake is Alfredo my dad said i can get a snake
queen.k boo
March 13 is my birthday and it wasn’t Wednesday it was a Thursday ... not to be rude
Ally Oop
This story makes no sense how would the person have access to the “fixtures” and “furniture” ? Wouldn’t it be inside the building?
Two Hands and a Radio
If it had been a man would you have filed charges?
Diana Chino
First, invest in window alarms from Home Depot or Lowe's or Ace. They stick on easily and whistle like a canary on steroids when tripped. Also, take a cue from the Oakland, Can police department...... invest in a Mag Light flashlight. It's beam is bright enough to blind an attacker and force them to turn away by reflex. Failing that, it also makes a damn good club!
Josue Centeno
Do you have instagram or snapchat that you make videos on?
Khayla Shephard
Giiirl!! You see this? this somes up why I love you so much! Plus your HIGH KEY authenticity ✌🏿
0:28 I miss my pet dinosaur Alfredo ;(
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Adorable Snake Is So Affectionate With SOMEONE BROKE INTO MY VAN (STORYTIME) 1 day ago   03:09

Adorable Snake Is So Affectionate With Her Mom | This woman had no plans to get a python — until an extremely adorable one stole her heart 💜

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