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Jeremy Jahns
Dave Chappelle has a stand up comedy special on Netflix that some have called "offensive". So here are my thoughts on DAVE CHAPPELLE: STICKS & STONES!

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Federico Scala
if a friend of mine hangs himself and after I while I watch in tv a comedy special when someone talks about ropes, I may feel bad. But this is how life works. If you want always to be in a safe space, you are not acting like an adult person. Life has no "safe space". My two cents.
Cheap Ship
The whole thing is funny, it’s how I feel inside
Nonyu Buisness
Dave chappelle is And always will be the greatest comedian that ever stepped on a stage. Today’s society is just so fucken soft and can’t take a simple joke.
update on rotten tomatoes

Critics - 31% of 16 reviews
Audience - 99% of 36k+
I think America tries to scare it's citizens into giving up their confidence to outside forces, which leads to safespaces, trying to control the world around them by force because they're 'helpless" and need to make sure it's super controlled.
Vincent Romei
I watched Sticks and Stones without even knowing what kind of reviews it got. All i saw was "Dave Chappelle" and I thought "OH I LOVE THAT GUY! HE'S HILARIOUS!" and decided to watch it all the way through. AND YEAH! IT WAS REALLY FUNNY! I missed his unfiltered style! and not once EVER did I hear him say something homophobic, bigoted, transphobic, or whatever. Dave Chappelle never presents material that promotes hatred, and that is the bottom line. He may talk about uncomfortable situations, scenarios, and topics, but like a great comedian, he mostly just points out the absurdity behind culture! I loved his performance! I can't wait for another!
Ryhaan Gill
Bill Burr’s new special was better, imo.
Dr. Vag
One of the reasons why I like Chappelle is that he doesn't give a fuck lol
30% review score, 99% audience score - that's another joke
I gave you the like, because this video was awesometacular! I will make the one complaint that I don't like you suggesting all of Hollywood is horrendously PC, because there are a lot of actors... and scriptwriters and directors and producers for that matter who are just as sick of this PC bullshit as you and I are. Anyway... just the one thing I wanted to mention in one of the vids of yours I am totally down with. You and I are not always on the same page with some things... and that makes me a little sad only because I think you are pretty awesome and I like it when we share views... but to each there own! Keep up the great work, sir!
Aisha sulayman Abukar
Glad that the world don’t have this mentality in the US today!!!!!!
If your a bitch then dont watch it..
Smokey Robinson
"I feel like Chappelle Show wouldnt' survive if it came out today". Bro it didn't survive back then either!
Jubal Card
I was offended at his comedy, but that’s what it’s all about. You don’t watch comedy thinking it’s not going to be offensive. So, yes. I was offended. But I laughed harder than I remember laughing before.
I don't know why the ful this is on my recommendation list I despise ppl who have channels lime this guy just fucking talking ful you YouTube I don't want to hear some asshole I don't know or care for their opinion
Renagi Hitolo
Is this North Korea, what happened to free speech - USA.
Good to see Jeremy Jahns isn't a sellout for any political party
Viewtiful Joe
It has to be comedy for it to be comedy. It has to be funny. It's irrelevant whether or not it's offensive. Chapel and Hart have lost their edge. It's not the public's fault.
David Hill
Talking of fucked up jokes . I live in Tasmania Australia in 1996 we had a mass shooting in a place called Port Arthur and 35 people died , a joke going around was "What is the temperature in Port Arthur ? " answer "Minus 35 "
Dave Chappelle is a great comedian. I loved the special and thought it was a breath of fresh air given the insanity of the unthinking, line-towing, overly-fragile, knee-jerk millennial "outrage" these days. ..
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How Dave Chappelle Dodges Laser Dave Chappelle: Sticks & Stones 1 day ago   13:45

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What makes Dave Chappelle one of the most unique comedians of all-time? Let's take a look at his personality based, celebrity-infused comedy to see how he can do what no one else can: dodge the laser beams.

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