Uighurs in China: Chinese show MBS and the Uighurs: $10 billion for 10 million people 1 day ago   02:15

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China has released video claiming to show that the famous Uighur singer and poet Abdurehim Heyit is alive. It follows reports he'd died in a Chinese detention centre, which prompted Turkey's government to urge Beijing to close down those centres - where up to one million ethnic Uighurs are reportedly being held. Heyit says he is under investigation and has not been harmed by Chinese authorities. It is unknown where and when the video was filmed. Heyit was arrested in 2017 and sentenced to eight years - reportedly for his songs.
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Bhavin S
turkish peoples are real muslims..they always support muslims and stand for islam....thay also concern about xinjiiang china ..where chainese kidnapped more than 1 lacks uyghuru muslims and china distory all masjid of xinjiang state..soo turkey opposed and stand with those uyghuru muslims...but pakistan is silent on this..pakistan is stand with china..not with uyghur muslim because pakistan dont want to loose money from china...for pakistan money is first priority and then islam.... Pakistan always suppport money first....

just Google xinjiang uyghur muslim problems in china....and check pakistan and turkey's stand.
qwerty 100
Free East Turkestan from the terrorist state China
Blue Land
Chinese Communist Party trolls everywhere here to cover their crime
Maybe it's some double agents sold Turkey this story.
savio wu
shame on u china. Pray for uyghurs
Akash Gunashekar
David Hynes
China always denies everything even the kidnapping 2 Canadians, China must be a perfect country.
xw w
muslims are born lairs.their taqiyya in quran is disgusting.they are not human,they are devils.islam is an evil cult.
Blue Land
East Turkestan belongs to Turkic people. This is so obviously. But China is shameless to assert Turkics‘ homeland!!! But another thought 💭: after all that crimes what does China think? That the millions of suffering Turkics must live together with their murderers? Who wants to live with murderers? No one ☝🏻 people
US of Israhell
Go watch Scott Ritter regime change tactics the US uses. You'll be surprise.
US of Israhell
Turkey is a terrorist country and apart of NATO doing the Westerners dirty work. Thurkey is a snake with with two tails that claims to be wanting peace with one tail with Russia and the other tail is being oulled by the US and theur allies. Two face with one intentions. Never trust US and their allies NATO. THEY ARE ALL US and ISRAEL puppets looking to destroy the East and take control of all their resources. The further they push and influence the more chaos and destabilize it becomes. Iran is next than further east. Their tactics is to use the smaller countries in the surroundings to do their dirty work. Like Iraq the US was allied with Saddam until the invasion of Kuwait and after US helped Saddam with hundreds of millions they decided he was a threat the next day. Teust a snake and it will bite no matter how good you are to a snake because a snake os a snake.
Kashif Erdogan
Death to america
Death to isreal
Deat to china
KR Kayah
Why the F Word you side with Turkey they may be Muslim but Turkey is allies with China
KR Kayah
Lol that's what China want him to say cause China is watching him
Roos in space
Terrorist turkey supported isis. people who are against terrorism should support creation of Kurdistan in turkey
Yusuf patel
"O" Communists there is A God.
sam lin
free 库尔德人 谁帮我翻译一下
Chinese Support Kurdish independence !Kurdish independence!Kurdish independence
狗中哈士奇 国中土耳其
David Hynes
Have you notice people of the world Communist China and denies everything, China has no rules or laws only Nazi Laws.
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MBS and the Uighurs: $10 billion for 10 million people Uighurs in China: Chinese show 1 day ago   02:39

Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman caused a stir after defending China's persecution of Uighur Muslims during his recent visit to Beijing. MBS' actions can be understood through his signing of billion-dollar deals with Xi Jinping and the deteriorating relations with his Western allies.
#MBS #SaudiArabia #China #Uighur

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