Grid Flexibility and Research Challenges For the love of science 2 days ago   59:13

(January 14, 2013) Mark O'Malley provides an overview of research into unlocking flexibility in the power system, demand side participation, and power system operational strategies.

Stanford University:

Stanford Energy Seminar

Precourt Institute for Energy:

Stanford University Channel on YouTube:

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PEREZ Jérôme
Anyone knows the paper which were recommended to be read before this speech?
Lithium price should be watched by hospitals aha
Alex Kudzin
could you please provide a link to a pdf of the slides as the video quality is too poor to read them.
Just build nuclear and avoid the problem.
Great speech!
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For the love of science Grid Flexibility and Research Challenges 2 days ago   04:32

Stanford graduate students and Andrew Hill High School participants discuss Stanford’s Future Advancers of Science and Technology program — the FAST program — which is designed to inspire teens to pursue science careers.

Read the Stanford Medicine magazine article here:

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