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Our modern lives hinge on learning from a young age, but wouldn’t it be a lot easier if we first learnt how to learn and remember?

Anastasia Woolmer guides us on her journey from a physical to a mental athlete. After a career as a professional Ballet and Contemporary dancer, she completed a university degree with very little high school behind her. Like many of us, she studied without the benefit of memory techniques, just a lot of over preparation and late nights. Anastasia discusses what a dramatic difference memory training has made on her life since then. We can all benefit immensely from directed memory skills and a little practice pays big dividends. This talk reveals that combining the two types of fitness training – mental and physical – helps us to achieve the most out of life.

Anastasia is a two times Australian Memory Champion, is the first female to hold this title and has set several Australian memory records along the way. Anastasia is a 2 x Australian Memory Champion and holds several Australian memory records. She is both a physical and mental athlete, with an international career as a professional Ballet and Contemporary dancer. Her love of learning attracted her to memory sports as a path to absorb new information quickly and she now helps others to learn memory techniques. Anastasia is also uniquely able to demonstrate the mental imagery she uses during memorisation.

Anastasia believes combining both physical and mental fitness gives us the best chance for a happy and full healthy life. She knows that anyone can train themselves to perform remarkable memory feats and bypass slower conventional learning methods. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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Ana F
After watching this and reading everything available on your blog, I can say you became my personal hero. I just can't imagine how you can have 3 children and do all those things. I have one and studying full time and I am exhausted. What's your secret? Special diet, you sleep less than normal people? I would love to learn from you. Can't wait for your book to come out. You are my light.
Self aware and scared
I know that this is kind of a weird question, but where can I get here jump suit????
Damar Vazquez
Anastasia, I demand more videos in you YouTube channel!!! 😂
Yea but I forget the stories I build to remember stuff :(
sadika choudhury
Brilliant speaker!!
Mohammed El Massri
Perfect body, graceful mover . Will do my best to remember what she says .
Remitha Gunawardena
Hi dear friend
Good memory in every day every life successful🌍🌤🌥🏖🏔🕊💜💜💜💜💜.....
Remitha Gunawardena
Good luck....
lite azwell
Meditación Del Silencio
10:16 Loved the talk. Why does her right foot have a strange shape in the video. Just wanted to know.
Deborah Martin
I agree very inspirational particularly in relation to how boring learning can be fostered ( it's probably rare for any school institution to branch away from its traditional forms of training to remember), but, like an earlier comment, this young woman, apart from the mention of a book SHE is planning on introducing, doesn't say/give credit to whoever inspired her/set her on her path, unless she was self taught but feel she would have said that if that had been the case? Would of liked to have come away with more facts about the process and how to apply it in other ways?
Kay B83
👏 lovely! And a wonderful speech, my memory is not very good... and I would Love to take dance lessons...
Remembering series of numbers doesn't make any sense, it can be useful only in some competitions. My concern is how do we remember what professors taught us in two hours lecture and recall those lessons, theories during exams.
Jorge Romera
Wonderful speech. Absolutely eye opening.
Stephen Strange
And that power has ben abused by the cabal to brainwash, like 'fear' in walt disney movies (not even the tip of the tip of the iceberg)
Divya Sasidharan
Lol 😂 I cannot remember a story.. I forget what I attach to what? My visuals r so bad that I forget people I met or even been in class for a whole year or more.. I love dance but I don’t emended sequence.. I love songs but I don’t remember the lyrics or the tune n I listen to same song 1000s of times in one go
Divya Sasidharan
But what about people who aren’t physically fit? Which is a huge advantage for having a healthy mental state. What if u r dyslexic n ur lack of physical movement have put u through severe depression n have caused a lot of neural damage n on top of that u r middle aged not in ur 20s where recoveries r quick. What is ur diet lack nutrition given any sickness that caused more neural damage n depression? That learning n remembering is not the 1st issue but even comprehending basic things around u. What if u have come to the point of being disoriented?
Great talk. Thanks for sharing ur story 🙏
Rohit Goswami
Welcome dear
Steve T
So great. I was a chemistry / physics teacher and wish I could have given my students this tool too be more successful and confident. Thank you!
Love it 👍👍 applauseee
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What is a Thought? How the Brain Creates Memory fit - How I learnt to exercise my memory 2 days ago   18:01

How does the human brain work and how is it different from computers? If you think this is too complex to explain in a few minutes, you will be surprised. In this energetic and insightful talk, neuro-scientist Dr. Henning Beck gives insights into thought processes and tells you how you can create new ideas.

Dr. Henning Beck, neuroscientist and author, supports businesses to use brain-based approaches in order to develop innovative and efficient workflows. He studied biochemistry in Tübingen from 2003 to 2008. After his diploma thesis, he started his research at the Hertie Institute for Clinical Brain Research and intensified his work at the Institute of Physiological Chemistry at the University of Ulm. Supported by a PhD scholarship granted by the Hertie Foundation he did his doctorate at the Graduate School of Cellular & Molecular Neuroscience in Tübingen. He expanded his scientific expertise by an International Diploma in Project Management at the University of California, Berkeley in 2013. Until 2014, he worked for start-ups in the San Francisco Bay Area to develop creative workspace designs and advanced communication styles based on neuroscientific principles.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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