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Our modern lives hinge on learning from a young age, but wouldn’t it be a lot easier if we first learnt how to learn and remember?

Anastasia Woolmer guides us on her journey from a physical to a mental athlete. After a career as a professional Ballet and Contemporary dancer, she completed a university degree with very little high school behind her. Like many of us, she studied without the benefit of memory techniques, just a lot of over preparation and late nights. Anastasia discusses what a dramatic difference memory training has made on her life since then. We can all benefit immensely from directed memory skills and a little practice pays big dividends. This talk reveals that combining the two types of fitness training – mental and physical – helps us to achieve the most out of life.

Anastasia is a two times Australian Memory Champion, is the first female to hold this title and has set several Australian memory records along the way. Anastasia is a 2 x Australian Memory Champion and holds several Australian memory records. She is both a physical and mental athlete, with an international career as a professional Ballet and Contemporary dancer. Her love of learning attracted her to memory sports as a path to absorb new information quickly and she now helps others to learn memory techniques. Anastasia is also uniquely able to demonstrate the mental imagery she uses during memorisation.

Anastasia believes combining both physical and mental fitness gives us the best chance for a happy and full healthy life. She knows that anyone can train themselves to perform remarkable memory feats and bypass slower conventional learning methods. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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Interviewer: "So, you wrote in your CV you can name 300 digits in PI, could you name 20 now?"
Anastasia Woolmer - stands up, stretches arms over head - "Certainly 09:56"
For God's sake wear shoes. The talk was great though.
hajar karam
I really didn't get any practical thing I can do now... There is nothing impossible to forget for me
line samantha
i was so excited until the point when she said that her technique is dancing, because im so terrible at dancing..pfff..
An excellent talk! Thanks! And does she remind me of Joy from the Disney movie Inside Out?! -Frank
Dominic Moransee
Probably all the mental exercise you did studying in university helped a huge amount as well..? I think all students need a high level of motivation, techniques or not.
Mamunur Rashid
Good talk! I didn't realize that dance movement could be used to create memory links...
9:34 "I can remember the choreography"
Ok that is where me and her differ. I cannot remember much choreography, I am horrible at it. No matter how many times I watch a dance it does not stick in my memory unless I create my own choreography from scratch, practice it 1000 times, but then it fades quickly after I stop doing that choreography. I am not a visual learner, I am only kinesthetic/tactile. Remembering things is easier for visual learners.
Shaz K
Impressive speech and even more impressive dance moves! But except for saying that there are ways to improve memory, there was nothing practical in the talk to help us how to learn.
I have heard several other similar talks.
She’s writing a book, this was just an advertisement for that.
Robert Schaeffer
Oops, forgot what to comment...
Chunfu Shao
Can anyone be the leader to lead a self memory training group ?
I’ve been search for this kind of group for a quite long time
Seeham Yousaf
Wouldn't creating a story take time? What if people can't create a story? It worked for you cause you're a creative person.
bryan johnson
Dahling. where are your clothes????
David Kahn
Click Bait. I wish she hadn't spent all that time paraphrasing herself about how things are possible without actually teaching some techniques for everyone. I kept waiting for the actual HOW TO and it never came...
Kristy Whalen
What an arrogant fruit loop. I can't stand people who "look at me, look at me!".
khaled ahmed
i learnt that now thanks about that
Tam Bell
What was that you said 2 minutes back? Aye, but can you remember how to talk without waving your arms all over the place? 🤔😂😂
Hasmik Melikyan
Hello, dear Anastasia. I am 47 years old three-lingual (Armenian, Russian, and English) Armenian lady who has always had memory problems. I have tried several times to train my memory by using different techniques. But even trying to memorize the techniques using pictures or an imagined room full of items to remember is a nightmare for me. Now, when I am trying to learn French this nightmare is even worse: I am spending a huge amount of time to learn simple things. I guess, one of the obstacles for me to have a good memory and concentration is anesthesia and dozens of x-rays that I have had because of a head of hip fraction that I have got 6 years ago. Which techniques would you recommend me for the beginning?
BeastySteven200 lol
do the work to get the results incredible yes!!!!!
Chris Anderson
Anastasia, I recently finished university. I wish I knew this beforehand. I struggled trying to remember the information.
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It Doesn't Take Money To Make Memory fit - How I learnt to exercise my memory 2 days ago   12:21

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