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Thanks Elon.

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DJ ashtray
Thought it said it's all over now mom
3:30 this what you get going to a conferance fucking stoned! XD
Caitlyn Marie
“Well, Kanye West. Obviously.”
Andaman Production
Elon musk is an epic gamer
Kanye's west obviously (im dead)
"made by humans on earth" lmao i love this guy
Bob Dole
No pothead has ever hurt anyone.
Just a person
February 6th is my brothers b-day didn't seem to care about falcon heavy so I was like WTF
this is the man thats changing humanity by the second, wild
**hits blunt**
Genti Memedi
Everytime i see elon im like HOST MEME REVIEW
Koltin Capps
“It’s April fools! People should lighten up!”
Imagine if all countries were ruled by Elon Musk and he had all the gdp there would be no world conflicts no nothing we would just be in space already.
Argha roychoudhury roychoudhury
Who are you inspired by??
San Diago
Not even one bikini video :(
Seize the means of Reproduction
even though he’s an adult, i still wonder, he’s like a little kid who ya know gets bullied in kindergarten but the whole class finds out about him and they find out the about his intelligence, i feel like when he meets with the parts of the class that only likes him cause of his popularity, i think he has a little stage fright,
but in his private life he has some besties that stuck with him since the beginning or that like him for what he’s done and not what he is
elon musk is the smartest twitter meme account owner
Jay Guo
He looks russian
Kelda Hanson
Fuck the critics
elvis presley
What's next?
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This is Elon Musk’s key to Tesla’s Best Of Elon Musk 2018 1 day ago   07:00

Elon Musk's Gigafactory is arguably the most important thing that Tesla makes. The 1.9 million-square-foot factory in Sparks, Nevada, is only 30 percent complete, but it’s already on track to make 60 percent of the world’s lithium ion batteries — and Tesla plans to build more Gigafactories around the world. The Verge took a look inside.


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