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Thanks Elon.

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love this guy
Media: *makes joke*
Elon musk: *makes april fools joke*
But that's not funny, people are nervous
Corben McDonald
Елизавета Горват
I love youuuuuuu
Elon is the guy that's so smart he gets bored of everything and goes rouge
Dave S.
Elon gets an very big Surprise frome me 😎💚 Thank You so much!!!
Ryder Putnam
Wow Feb. 6th is on my birthday, what a coincidence.
Chad Smith
Big fucking deal he took a hit, how many of his investors went home and had a glass of wine?
Impossibur Ducklov
god-emperor amongst us?
Mile Topic
Maybe these is good... Elon see this ... whait for end of the video...
"Made in earth by humans" in the tesla roadster will always be my all time favorite thing elon did hahaha
Newby Man
Woow, he smoked marihuana, he must be a horrible person.
I thougth Elon was a non-smoker guy :(
Ryan Olivier
Some people complain about his stutter, but it makes him seem more human and normal. He's down to earth
Published in 2018 ..for Aprilfools2019 .#Welcome to the real world 🐴🐛🙊🙉🙈
Quantum Timeline
He's using the AI already. Nobody has such time, mind etc to run 3 massive successful companies of such magnitude.
Lulls Baby
I hope, HOPE that some teens went into their highschool. Sat in class. And when asked a question, just flat-out said "You could make a swarm of assassin drones for very little money."
Gold muller
elon is from the future maybe he do a time travel who knows??
Jack Daniels
1:08 "...during a *pot* cast interview...."
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Elon Musk says Australia’s Best Of Elon Musk 2018 2 days ago   14:09

It’s been a miserable few weeks for Malcolm Turnbull’s government, stalled by myriad cock-ups and controversies. But the greatest challenge it faces continues to be Australia’s crisis over energy supply and cost. Who hasn’t been shocked by a recent electricity or gas bill? And who isn’t infuriated that power prices have risen so sharply? In a country as abundant with resources as ours it defies logic that there are now some Australians who can’t even pay for the electricity or gas to cook a simple meal. While federal – and state – politicians scramble to act, Elon Musk, the American billionaire with the brilliant mind, says he wants to help. In an exclusive interview with Liz Hayes, Musk says Australia’s energy emergency is easily fixable, and his construction of the world’s largest lithium ion battery at Jamestown in South Australia is proof.
Reporter: Liz Hayes
Producer: Grace Tobin

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