Best Of Elon Musk 2018 It's Already Too Late - Elon 2 days ago   10:02

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Thanks Elon.

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Stl 106
"Never a good sign when you tweet while driving" Hes riding in a tesla dumbass.
Akai Kiseki
Can't wait for the 2019 one !
Pascal De Groote
minute 2:03 the hands, Elon and women lol.
Thomas Saunders
I believe if I were to have a conversation with Elon Musk finally someone would understand what I'm trying to say instead of just laughing and saying there's no possible way it could be done.
HB Aguilar
For me..Elon Musk is one of the most important person in the world today( i ranked him no.1) You already knew why?
deepak choudhary
He is the chosen one😑
deepak choudhary
God damn genius 🤟😎
IEl tr
He is so driven. Driven for what? I can t see the use of a car in space for the life in me. Artificial intelligence will get everyone unemployed. Why nobody talks about that? The future of work rather than a future in Mars.
lh hl
Elons musk
Tristan Pinska
“I mean it’s April fools people should lighten up”😂😂😂
David Houma
He's on point about the "A.I" part @ 2:47s - 3:08s. So reminded me of "I Robot" when Will Smith is saved instead of the kid in the underwater car crash.
Jean Michel Pelletier
Gros suif
6:05 when I try to text my crush
Wenn your a nice guy why do you want us to be slowly destroyd by 5G ??🥴
BECAUSE WE KNOW IST‘s gonna make us all sick 😷
We the normal people don’t need this and we don’t want to be spyed .
WE don’t need and want it well the Pharmaindustrie will love it and the ones who want to reduce Humanity
They laugh very loud!!!😠🤢🤮
Tony Stark in real life dammit he should have a suit by now
Evangelist Betty Bailey
Elon thank you so much for the creative work that you have done with the Space X invention Lord you just never what you can do to with that brain until you put it to the test , you did and came out with great results. Keep being inventive you never know what you may design next that will be beneficial to mankind and the world. Elon don't leave God out of the equation of your creation He gave you that magnificent mind. God bless you from your sister in the Lord in Hammond, LA.
Tyler Smith
I hope people realize and dont take for granted Elon Musk's brain and new inventions. He is litterly the Albert Einstein of this generation. Actually I think he way smarter than Einstein was. I hope Elon lives a very long life and has many kids, beacuse he is changing the way people every live in a good way. And i hope all of his kids become extremely smart invetion making people just like he is. It would be a shame if he is a 1 of a kind.
people keep bothering elon so much even tho hes just a fun dude who lives his dream
khaled mohammed
I’m so votary to this unstoppable Ironman
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It's Already Too Late - Elon Best Of Elon Musk 2018 2 days ago   06:16

Taken from an historic conversation on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast. Elon talks about the future of AI, our survival as a species, and the sombre reality of being in his shoes.

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