Everything Wrong With Monsters Everything Wrong With Harry 2 days ago   16:43

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Wow. This is a movie that came and went and is almost forgotten to time. But Monsters vs. Aliens DOES ultimately have sins. So we counted them. It's what we do.

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Sadgent Badge
It was over 16 minutes long
Red mando commando
The government agency in this movie is literally just the SCP Foundation.
Hit and Soundwave's Lab
Can i add a sin? cuz Susan has Mastered Ultra Instinct
dayum son
I always thought the cockroach looked more like an ant rather than a cockroach
Alexandria James
This movie will always have a special place in my heart. It's sad that it's forgotten, it's a decent film, I know it has flaws that stop it from being great but it's good. It was one of my favorite movies as a kid. Susan was the character that made me love giantesses and white-haired characters.
Ben Moak
I’m very surprised that there were no sins during that cringe-as-fuck scene of the couple in the car that see the robot crash land.
Papa Deadbones
Self-destruct is a method to prevent your technology/information/assets to pass into enemy's hand. Aliens, who actually have technology that is new to humankind, pretty obviously have self-destruct on it, so humans can't turn that technology against them.
Also, if self-destruct is initiated, it's better to silence your own crew instead of letting them get captured for interrogations. Also closing doors may end up trapping spies onboard, preventing succesfull extraction of data after an espionage.
Water the Depressed kitten
hey this video is...actually funny!
Yui S
I like the movie and I like her designs
5:36 that actually made me feel sick, no joke, I almost puked
Deadly Ghost
I mean when Gym nasty and his girlfriend were eye level with it and now it’s hundreds of feet in the air it probably got up maybe?
Alice Reese
Replay this as much as you like 3:02
Clyde The Wonder Dog
cabinet meetings
Miku MichDem
Why self-destruct - to ensure the enemy would not use that ship against you
Alexvlogsover9000 Howardthealien
Cinema sins sin, called humongous a he when they are non binary
Robert Evans
It had at least one sequel! I own it! It's a Halloween straight to dvd movie!
Robert Evans
Unmentioned sin! windows directly in view of her tits.
Top 2 best laughs in history

#2: 3:09
#1: when Jeremy laughed at the “girl, girl” part in inside out
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Everything Wrong With Harry Everything Wrong With Monsters 2 days ago   12:04

Well after many months of making you wait, we finally return to the Harry Potter series for the second installment, running down the list of sins in Harry Potter & The Chamber Of Secrets. Yes, there were many. Yes, it was more than we expected. No, we aren't doing Prisoner Of Azkhaban next week.

Go back and relive the sins of the first film, Harry Potter & The Sorcerer's (Philosopher's) Stone: https://ufl.ae/videow/9hbuWT8wWt4

Tomorrow: A new Conversation video.
Thursday: Another sins video--very much requested of late.

Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins would you like to see recounted next? Merch: https://teespring.com/stores/cinemasins-store

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