Why Iraq's great rivers are dying How this drug lord created 2 days ago   09:57

And the timing couldn't be worse.

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Iraq gets almost all of its water from two rivers: The Tigris and the Euphrates. Both begin in Turkey and make their way down the entire length of the country, before emptying into the Persian Gulf. The problem is - they are drying up.

There are two main reasons for this. The first is geographical: Since both rivers begin in Turkey, Iraq doesn’t have control of how much water it receives. In the last 30 years, Turkey, Syria, and Iran have been building hundreds of dams along both rivers. Now only a quarter of the Euphrates reaches Iraq. Secondly, Iraq has been stuck in conflict for the last 16 years. In each case, the delicate network of treatment plants, dams, canals, and pipes has been repeatedly destroyed and neglected.

All of this has boiled over in the city of Basra - at Iraq’s southern tip. Last summer, after hundreds were poisoned by the water - riots erupted and were deeply destabilizing for the new Iraqi government. If Iraq is to rebuild, it needs to get fresh water to its people - a challenge that is getting harder every year.

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Angelo Zanussi
christian macri
USA can pay to repair all that
Damian Matras
Everyday we learn something new.
Koyote Kola
Vox says "And the timing couldn't be worse." That's what everybody says. Actually, the timing couldn't be worse at any time, even going back to Biblical days.
anoop gec
F you USA
haexingten soowoojinyien
Tigris and Euphrates are two major rivers that basically supported human development in the ancient civilizations when Iraq was still Mesopotamia. I’m sad knowing this is what’s happening now 😕
NOW We need to stop Iran RIGHT NOW ! Time to bomb Iran ! Oorah !
Mlchael Wray
Syed Shahroze Shah
Iran fight sadam without any assistance from external power and sadam use harmful chemicals weapons without stopping by united Nations and Iran has great management to care for their own Iranian and their own Iranian to protect themselves from the bulling
Hsagsevshis Beatevfcox
So basically the US government is the root of all problems in the world
The Solution is a Unitary form of Government, the Oil is being transported to Iran.
Mohammad Rasool
Iraq is a very old country a shame they have such a bad goverment now
Mehmet Türkoğlu
No no no please guys dont speww hatred turkey by international law does not limit the water the UN has given the turkish government a guidline of how much water must be passed through and it gets monitored, the problem is the war in syria which is messing up the constant flow but, you cannot blame a country where there is an ongoing civil war, turkey has plenty water and why would it get it self sanctioned by the UN, please reaserch you will see, you can build a million dams doesnt make a difference as long as you keep the flow, and thats what the turks have always been doing, plus how much can you keep, you hold the water then let it go generate electricity and have constant flow, please dont hate us please research, thank you have a great day.
Turkey and syria and iran should not do these dams like cmon this is one of the most important rivers and they just destroyed it
Oussama 1997bis
What a mess
Most devastate war is last war when USA conquer Iraq and bring corruption democracy people to rule. How Turkey say Iraq and Sryia have oil but whe have water. Iraq have some option to go war against Turkey to destroy dams but then muslim people bean more weak aganst catholic and protestant country. Or to unite with Syria or better Iran. This is better becose Syria is weak economic with civil war a Iran is power more then other muslim country. Becose have 10% more moral then other muslim country thanks to EU 4! 😁😊😃
Joke but sweets. No Iraq people must unite with Iran, then Ottomans will learn lessons, hard lesson. Only Iran must to is tolerate iraq people and religion. Then first side will give land and loyalties to Iran.
Pynkhraw Marwein
Start cleaning the rivers.
The U.S. made the terrorists
This happened : USA came . more devastating than any Plague known to men.
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How this drug lord created Why Iraq's great rivers are dying 2 days ago   08:36

It’s a hippo invasion.
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Drug lord Pablo Escobar smuggled four hippos into his own personal zoo during the 1980’s. But wild hippos are usually only native to Africa and their escape after Escobar’s death has left Colombia with an unexpected problem. Due to reproduction, there are now dozens roaming around one of the country’s rivers.

This episode looks at how the presence of these hippos affects Colombia’s biodiversity and how people became fond of their presence.

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