Spain Asylum Protest: Match Europe’s migration crisis may swing 1 day ago   02:04

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Asylum-seekers and human rights activists have marched in the Spanish protectorate in northern Africa to protest over Europe's strict migration policies. The demonstration comes five years after the Tara-jal tragedy, in which 15 people drowned trying to reach Spanish territory.

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Roman Darius
No shame or dignity in the black race, they come to Europe armed with the words---you are a racist--to beg white people to take care of them, when whites don't want to be around them.
Eric Akande B.
Most of countries they originate from have major birthrates. Families with up to 10 kids isn’t uncommon. Have fun with the population boost 😁✌🏿
Korvus Morte
Tough luck, we don't want them, they can protest as much as they want. It's just going to get more difficult.
1:44 long one indeed.
SerenaWilliams LovesBigWhiteCock
Filippo Tommaso Marinetti
Blacks want rights but not to work.
Warsaw Jadore
Not the Europe exploited Africa but Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Belgium etc These countries should take responsibility of the migration. For ex Poland or Hungary have right to not take any of them, these are not colonial countries.
Just me
kick these muslims out
nick vandeplas
stop invading our countries
simbi Muniafu
Go back to your countries!stop forcing other countries to take care of you!
Peter-john De Jong
They cause most of the crime, vandalism, riots and fraud
azli jamil
Disgusting leeches are not ENTITLED!!!
Levy Shillberg
ooga booga gibmedat
the protest
Go back to Africa!!!
Sweeny Greeny
The majority of migrants are young men, not women and children. Fix your own country before putting a burden on another
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Europe’s migration crisis may swing Spain Asylum Protest: Match 1 day ago   09:28

Like many European countries affected by an influx of Syrian migrants and refugees, immigration policy has become central to Sweden’s election. And after more than a half-century of soft, center-left policies there, analysts predict that voters on Sunday will elect anti-immigration candidates to the country’s highest governing body. NewsHour Weekend Special Correspondent Malcolm Brabant reports.

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