Spain Asylum Protest: Match Rescued migrants arrive in Spain 2 days ago   02:04

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Asylum-seekers and human rights activists have marched in the Spanish protectorate in northern Africa to protest over Europe's strict migration policies. The demonstration comes five years after the Tara-jal tragedy, in which 15 people drowned trying to reach Spanish territory.

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Al Bundy for President
Europe repatriation to all Non-Indigenous people! I don't care if you're Idris Elbow or Lewis Hamilton! Europe has endured this invasion long enough & has seen white replacement first hand. If any liberals want to take their stand & use the race card? They can go with them & embrace their cultures & standards that the third world has to offer.
Roman Darius
No shame or dignity in the black race, they come to Europe armed with the words---you are a racist--to beg white people to take care of them, when whites don't want to be around them.
1:44 long one indeed.
Filippo Tommaso Marinetti
Blacks want rights but not to work.
Warsaw Jadore
Not the Europe exploited Africa but Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Belgium etc These countries should take responsibility of the migration. For ex Poland or Hungary have right to not take any of them, these are not colonial countries.
Just me
kick these muslims out
stop invading our countries
simbi Muniafu
Go back to your countries!stop forcing other countries to take care of you!
Peter-john De Jong
They cause most of the crime, vandalism, riots and fraud
azli jamil
Disgusting leeches are not ENTITLED!!!
Comrade MannSteinBerg
ooga booga gibmedat
the protest
Go back to Africa!!!
Sweeny Greeny
The majority of migrants are young men, not women and children. Fix your own country before putting a burden on another
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Rescued migrants arrive in Spain Spain Asylum Protest: Match 2 days ago   04:27


At sea/Algeciras - 28 December 2018
1. Pan from ocean to migrants in boat
2. Migrants looking out to sea
3. Migrants
4. Mid of migrants seated
5. Various of migrants looking out to sea
6. Group of migrants seated, chatting
7. Various of migrants cheering, chanting "Victory"
8. Rescuer looking out at harbour wall
9. Rescuers placing gangplank onto harbour wall
10. Migrants lining up waiting to disembark
11. Police entering boat, migrants gathered
12. Police inside boat, migrants behind line
13. SOUNDBITE: (English) No name given, migrant:
"I'm feeling so great, I thank you people to rescue us in the sea because we are not expecting you people. You do a great job for us, give us food, medical and (inaudible) us. We are very grateful to you people. We pray that the rescue team will go internationally. Thank you all for your efforts did to us."
14. Red Cross workers tending to little girl
15. SOUNDBITE: (English) Saidou Kanu, migrant from Sierra Leone:
"First of all I appreciate and I greet all workers of Open Arms. Secondly I feel a lot of morale, happiness, a lot of happiness now I'm in Spain and my morale is on a high. I feel a lot, I like a lot all salvateurs (means rescuers), especially Open Arms rescuers. Thank you a lot."
16. Migrants with children disembarking, rescuers tending to woman with baby
17. Red Cross worker placing blanket on woman and baby
A Spanish aid boat carrying over 300 migrants rescued at sea has arrived in Spain, ending a weeklong journey across the western Mediterranean.
The boat, operated by the nonprofit group Proactiva Open Arms, docked at the Spanish port of Algeciras on Friday.
The boat rescued the migrants in waters near Libya last week, but had to travel to Spain after Malta denied it permission to dock and Italy and other countries refused to help.
In June, Spain opened its ports to another aid ship belonging to SOS Mediterranee Sea and Doctors Without Borders carrying over 600 rescued migrants after Italy and Malta refused to let it dock.
According to the UN refugee agency, over 2,200 migrants have died trying to cross the Mediterranean this year in unseaworthy smugglers' boats.
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